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A sound spanking

Just had my ass whooped by a Scooby. Thought Id let you know!

Knew they were fast and that I would never really stand a chance but I thought give it a go. I come off the round about 1st - about 100m ahead now as i cane it up this slight hill which divvys up into 2 lanes. Heh heh, thats a good distance I think as I look in my rear view mirror to see how far back he is - just as he poodles past me as if I wasnt even there!!


Dam they rapid - and this was a standard looking 2ltr Turbo - not a WRX or out like that. Well, I guess thats the advantage that 2ltrs of 4 wheel drive turbo and about 240BHP has over 1.8ltrs of NA muscle and 130-odd BHP. Ho Hum - you live you learn!
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe worth a try though Phil. If you dont try you never know!

Tried it myself on a Scooby RB5 a couple of months back. Stopped for a chat and the geezer was pretty surprised that I kept up with him...

They do have good pick up, I met a P1 in my Coupe in a similar situation off of a roundabout at about 25mph he launched off I followed but by 60-70 he was about 2-3 car lengths ahead and from then on to undisclosable speed there was nowt in it. I was quite happy even if I wasnt much of a match, it was wet, I have FWD and 280bhp not the best combo in wet.
  BMW 320d Sport

yeah thats the thing, they always launch so well, but once thats out of the way, off a rolling start, a lot of people with fastish cars, are surprised by how little there is in it. Not saying I could keep up with an RB5 for a serious amount of time, but as for short sprints up to 70 or 80 between sets of lights he would get ahead off the line in the RB5 by half a length, then could get no further. When I 1/4 miled against a 2 door import Scooby at York, there was only a second in it and a car length at the line - in fact heres the results: 2-door Scooby 13.882 @ 99.99mph; Clio 16v 14.808 @ 90.65mph