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Sorry to write the title in caps but i thought this was important, and needs to be read by everyone. Last night / morning, about 5am, we were woken up to hear someone trying to fish my keys through the letterbox of our front door - fortunately for us (not for them b******s!) he was cack-handed enough to drop them on the floor, which is what woke us! Unfortunately the w**ker got away, but needless to say we drove around for a bit with a baseball bat in the back ready for a bit of a reminder what we do to TWOCers.

Anyway, im just very lucky that they didnt get the car (they were VERY close!), as it wasnt just the motor, it had loads of stuff in the boot like cliothes, tennis rackets, not to mention all my work files and books. It makes you realise how buggered i would have been wothout it!

Just to warn everyone here to be extra careful not to leave ANY keys whatsoever on any kind of hall tables remotely near the doors. I know everyone will go "yeah" and try to remember (what i did when i read about this!) but this just highlights how easy it is to walk away with a motor.

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i always keep my keys in well im not tellin ya its secret but i never leave em lyin a bout since my mates dads calibra v6 was stolen

instead of spendin time getin past the alarm e.t.c they just broke in the house and took the keys off the handy key rack by the door and buggered off in it, fortunately he got it back but it had been well caned



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a m8 had that happen to him he was sat in lounge at time and herd letter box open and got up to see what was happening to see a bit of hanger come through and pick up his keys so he ran to door and opened it really quickly and proceeded to batter him with the door against the tw*ts head and he was the 1 that got in trouble for gbh !!!!

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As the anti-theft devices get more sophisticated, this is becoming a far more common way of stealing cars. Got to hide those keys.

Funny thing is that my keys seem to hide themselves!


do you think the person knows where you leave your keys? i.e they may have been in your house, or could you see them from outside?

I had my flat in Bristol broken into last February.

The scum took loads of stuff (laptop, camera, mobile etc) including my car keys, spare car keys, stereo fascia and any obvious paperwork for the car!

To my relief, they couldnt find the car, as at the time I parked it at a lock-up about half a mile away. That was my luckiest escape ever - they would have had the car if it was outside the flat. At the time there was a BMW M3 parked in the drive, so maybe they thought they had the keys to that (?).

Anyway, it took me months to get back to normal, what with all my research on my laptop lost and no mobile (had to let old contract expire). Not a good time.

The thing was that my car keys were hidden in my room - if people want something, theyll find it.

Last summer my house was broken into, for the keys to my mums AMG SLK. Nothing else was taken, even purses and mobiles lying around, it was a quick in and out. The frustrating thing was that it was the day i passed my test, we went out for a celebration lunch and between the time we went and got back, it was gone! Bastids! Luckily, we got it back though!

Since then i have many precautions! My drive has installed a number of posts for all our cars, basically i drive into the right area and then lift up a post either end of the car (which can withstand 35mph impact). You can see a post below(just in front of the car). Theyre discreet and well worth getting!

Ive also got a safe in the kitchen for my keys.

Trust nobody!

lol paranoid!! I just leave my keys in my clothes that are usually on the floor of my bedroom... im sure i would hear someone if they got that far!

good ideeas rob mate, sounds over the top but then by the sounds of it you have to be with these tw*ts! when i get some money im thinking of gettin one of those GPS theft trackers (but the money is the big thing!)

I was going to do the same, but my car aint no lambo or ferrari. Fact is the posts means you cant get ur car nicked, so i wont find it set alight somewhere! Anyway my area isnt the greatest!

I agree, im paranoid it, but people tend to not give a sh*t until it happens to them!

Id love to watch someone put their hand through my letter box, I think that my Staffie might try to shake their hand :devilish:

Its sad though, youd think youd be safe in ya own home! bring back corperal punishment for these peeps!

My boxer would just lick their hands!

i live in sidcup mate, bromleys where all the toffs live!! Nice cars round their though...


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A m8 of mine nearly had his car stolen whilst he was still in it. This nob was apperently hanging out of his window, whilst he was sat traffic lights in Liverpool. 0-100mph sprint should of been in order me thinks, see how long he hangs on then.