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a warning to office 2007 beta users

  Fabia vRS
if you are using outlook 2007, DO NOT install AVG with it as it will fcuk up all your old emails :(

i've just learnt the hard way.

there is a bug with outlook 2007.
  Fabia vRS
Daz said:
Symantec for me..

Altho, I don't have anything installed on my Mac ;)

take all the symantec software off your computer and it will run at about double the speed ;)

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Use Sophos Enterprise at work - use diddly squat at home. I find it remarkable that on using little other than Windows Firewall on my gaming PC that I never seem to suffer from all the internet and LAN issue than other gamers do.

Just me being cynical, but I think the more crap you put on your PC to stop other crap - the more performance issues you get. Im lucky though - if someone screwed up my gaming PC remotely, the only thing of any consequence that I'd lose would be a few high scores on the PC.