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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!! :(

Apoligies for the bizarre topic name but i am somewhat enraged and very upset right now!!

This is because on friday night somebody crashed into the back of my beloved 16v!!

What makes it worse is that it was a young guy in his first car having probably just passed his test!

He had 2 of his mates in his lovely old fiesta (), they had probably been egging him on to hassle a real car - i bet he wished he hadnt now!

Even more annoying is that he was hassleing me - sitting about a metre from my back bumper - through the towns high street!?!? What am i gonna do - race him past the nightclubs and police and drunken people staggering in the road!?!? Idiot!

Bottom line he went up my arse at a junction - totally his fault, therefore he will be paying to have:
- my back bumper re-fitted as it was left hanging off!
- a new carbon effect boot handle bit which Renault say costs £57.46 inc vat!!!
- my boot door straightened as it is crumpled below the lock!

Im also really pleased this happened a week before the biggest Cliosport saafend meet!! Cheers!

Sorry again for the rant but i had to unleash the fury!!

Cheers Brun!
Im thinking i might take this as an opportunity to get the whole tailgate smoothed!!
No need for new boot handle strip, no badges, lock or wiper!!
Every cloud has a silver lining!

Sorry to hear that Glenn,

i hope to god he is insured, did you call the police, or just take down each others details?

what time did it happen? sounds as if it was late @ night. In anycase it seems as if the damage can be repaired which is a small plus i spose.

did you take down his address? i say we wait until the pay out then go deck the knob head.... sounds like the guy in the fiesta could do with some Tarox G88s...

is the car still "safend turnup maybeishable" ?!?!?

Thanks J!
He is insured! Which saved him from a beating!
Didnt call the police but exchanged all details.
It was on a friday night after id been out for a friends 20th - decided with a couple of mates (in their cars) to go for a quick town cruise to finish the night off nicely and...well you know the rest!

The car will still be there for saafend on saturday!! Itll just look a little bit crappy at the back! ()