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Yep! Went to go get some petrol on my lunch break, stopping at a set of lights and TWANG!!!

"Hmmm i dont think my clutch pedal should be this floppy!?!" :(

Got towed back to my work car park for now! Will try to get something sorted this evening! [:(]

Anybody got any ideas how much i should expect to pay for a new clutch cable and fitting? How much of a bar steward of a job is it - as its a 16v i bet its a right cooont! :mad:

BOO HOO! Why isnt there a crying smiley!?!?!?

LOL Ivan! After calling me pa to give me a tow i was straight on the blower to J!!! He painted a very dark picture for me though!! [:(]

However just looked on BBPTs website and a new fitted cable it only £42!!

Main problem now is getting it to colchester from my pad!! Thats a 45minute drive under normal conditions!! :mad:

mine snapped last week, right git

bought the cable for £8.70, managed to fit it, not too bad but u have to take off ure ait box to get to it, getting the cable back into the car is the hardest bit, helps if u take off the drivers wheels and move back the sh*t guard.

only problem is now the biting point is about 1cm from the deck, and sometimes getting into gear, expecially reverse if difficult. its auto tensioning, so i dont know how to change this, tried putting washers where it connects to the clutch, and removing the ones there temporarily to it should take up more of the slack, but its still the same, any ideas anyone ??

mine went a little while ago, thought i would fox it my self but it was a bloody pain in the arse, managed to get the old one out but then i gave up, paid around £40-50 in the end.