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About 17 wheels...

I seem to remember Performance Car doing a similar test on a Golf a few years back, where they concluded that the original configuration was best, and the bigger wheels came out worst.

When I had the Integra Type-R, I was( as usual ) tempted to buy a nice set of 17s, but was strongly discouraged to do so by "my man", who is one of Soon Hondas test drivers in Japan. He claimed without a doubt that for the ITR the 15s were best. So I stuck with them.

On the 306 Rallye I fitted a set of Dare 17s inplace of the original 15s, and found the car lost acceleration, and the steering became heavier, although handling didnt suffer much, and grip increased.

The MY97 Subaru Impreza came with 15s standard, but with a 17 inch Prodrive option, which I took, and according to both myself and all the road testers, this improved the car no end, the best example here being the RB5( with or without performance pack ), which had the same setup.

It seems, in other words, to depend on the car.