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ABS problem

  996 turbo, R1 & Clio 172
The ABS/Traction light is on in my track 182 and as a result the speedo isn’t working either. It was the previous owner that had disabled/removed/whatever the ABS so i have no idea where to start looking to re-enable it.

I would rather have the speedo working when driving it to/from track as opposed to using GPS and the lack of ABS makes the car feel terrible under hard braking IMO. I had the car out on a good test run last night and with the ABS disabled it feels like there is far too much rear bias causing the rear of the car to step out under hard braking. Not 100% sure this is ABS related but seems the most logical place to start.
  Ph2 172
It seems like the abs has been removed in a pikey way. Mine just popped the abs fuse the other day and that put the lights on and killed the speedo as it's also read from the abs sensors. This puts the brake bias at 50/50 hence you feeling the rears lock.

Check that the fuse is intact for a start.
  996 turbo, R1 & Clio 172
Is it the 10 amp fuse in the side of the dashboard? I checked that and it seems to be there and intact. Is there any other fuses/relays i should be checking?

50/50 bias sounds about right going with the way it feels on braking at the moment. Definitely need to get it sorted otherwise i'll be spinning every time i brake into corners on track.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Cheers, i take it it's just a plug kind of arrangement? Is it down next to the caliper or hidden away somewhere else?
Yeah a black plug type thing.

On the rear they're behind the disc in the hub and the abs rings are part of the disc.

On the front they're on the hub and the abs rings are part of the drive shaft.
  996 turbo, R1 & Clio 172
Thanks for that, i'll have a look tonight.

No idea why anyone thought it was a good idea to disable the ABS, it must have been an absolute pig to drive on track, more so in the rain!

I take it the only things it can really be is the fuse in the dash, the sensors/sensor wires or the ABS ecu?
  996 turbo, R1 & Clio 172
Found the two back ones after a quick crawl under the car, they were disconnected so I've reconnected them. ABS and traction lights are still on so I'll take a guess that the fronts are disconnected as well. Will need to take the front wheels off and try and find them.
  Ph2 172
Have you checked that the ABS rings are present on the rear? If the previous owner has disconnected the sensors it's quite possible they've gone for cheap plain discs without the rings fitted as they won't have needed them. Unlikely but possible if your issue persists.

Fronts are easy to find as well, there's only the brake line and the abs sensor wire down there