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  1. J

    ESP/ABS Fault on 197 Cup

    Morning all, I have been battling with an intermittent fault on my 197 to do with ABS/ESP for a while now and was wondering whether anyone has experienced/found a solution. The car is pulling the DF126 fault code - "Control Panel Sensor Information Plausibility". 2 things occur when driving...
  2. A

    Braking Fault, ABS, Service, Stop and Handbrake lights - electrical issues?

    Hi everyone, having a bit of an electrical nightmare recently with my 2009 Clio 3 GT 1.6. Back in November/December I suddenly started to get mystery battery drains overnight, during the troubleshooting I was disconnecting, charging and reconnecting the battery a lot. During this time once or...
  3. AndyPembs182

    Reluctor rings for 182 - how much?! £$%

    I’m looking to replace the reluctor rings on my 182 but have a found a really wide variety of pricing. Also there to be slightly different sizes depending on Cup suspension. Any advice on this from someone who’s replaced them would be welcome!
  4. AndyPembs182

    ABS, service and traction control lights

    Since changing my wishbones and track rod ends last weekend some warning lights are coming on and off intermittently: ABS, service and traction control. I suspect an ABS sensor might have been knocked during the work? Maybe some rust got into a sensor? Can anyone offer some advice as to how to...
  5. D

    Steering wheel angle sensor

    I've recently put a aftermarket wheel on but I broke the angle sensor, I purchased a new one but don't know how to calibrate it, can someone tell me how to do it? TIA
  6. D

    Steering wheel change gone bad!!

    In September 2017 I purchased my 2nd ever Clio. This time I had to go for the 182, however the steering wheel was tatty, I've bought a boss, quick release and new wheel. I've accidentally snapped a cable and believe it is the cruise control one and the dash it's bought up airbag, esp, derv and...
  7. A

    Clio 1.2 Rear wheel locked ABS light has come on too

    Hi, My clio has been standing unused for 5 days and we have had a lot of rain. This morning when I started to drive, the R.N.S brake was making a bit of noise but I assumed it was just a bit of rust (the handbrake had been on). After driving a few hundred yards, there was a loud bang and the RNS...
  8. D

    Abs problem

    Hi all, I have a abs problem on a 2006 megane 1.6. The abs light has come on so I've hooked it up to the diagnostics and that's come back saying there's no reading from the drivers side abs sensor. Inspecting the sensor I found that the clip that holds the abs in had broke. Since then I've...
  9. Barnett182

    Possible cause ABS, ESP, Service light on 182

    I know this subject has been mentioned before on the forums but I am still yet to find the solution as to why i have the three lights up... I bought my 182 about 3 months ago and ever since iv been trying to resolve this issue! The guy i bought the car from said it was an ABS ring on the drive...
  10. AdamCup

    ESP without ABS

    I've removed the ABS from my 182 FF Cup so does that mean ESP won't work now ? Does ESP only work with the ABS rather than the engine management ? Cheers, Adam
  11. RPX172

    Warning lights wont go out after removing ABS.

    I decided to delete the abs and remove everything that comes with it, ive fitted a bias valve and replaced all the pipes with braided hoses from Proline Motorsport. The brakes feel much better now, but the stop light and handbrake light wont go out now. :( Its a Ph2 Clio 172 with a gearbox type...
  12. G

    Damn ABS lights !!!

    sooo... as the title says im experiencing the dreaded ABS faults however its a bit of a strange one i cant find anthing similar to it... ive owned my 182 FF now for over 5 years, Ive never had any major faults with her until last year my traction control stopped working as it should and this...
  13. T

    Brake problem

    hi everyone. I just bought a clio 53 plate 1.2 extreme billabong whatever it is for scrap price as it needs an mot soon and it's got a problem with the brakes. when the car is off and I pump the pedal it gains a little pressure but not loads. when started it has nothing, slams to the floor but...
  14. edwarj123

    Clio 182 Angle Sensor Issue

    Hi, I just bought a 2004 Clio 182. The traction control, ABS and SERV lights are on permanently. The computer reads it as an Angle Sensor fault. The guy I bought it from told me he had replaced this and the lights went out for a while and then came back on again. I took the steering wheel off...
  15. M

    2009 Clio GT ABS Fault

    Hi all, I keep getting my ABS warning light flash on, and Braking Fault display when i make right hand turns. I have used my dad's RAC equipment to run some diagnostics and get the fault codes; DF001 - Computer Supply Voltage -Abnormal Voltage -Intermittent DF017 - ECU -Computer; supply...
  16. S

    ABS ECU not detected by RS Tuner?

    I'm working with Henk through the support channels of, but I was wondering if anyone else had seen this issue. I have a Clio 172 phase 2 thats supposed to have the ABS ECU supported by RS Tuner, and I've bought the module unlock code, but no matter what I do RS Tuner won't find an...
  17. bob the builder

    race car abs removal

    right i am pulling the engine and box out of my 182 race car so i am looking at removing a few non essentails. i have tried searching for info but i am struggling. what do i need to convert? cheer for any help
  18. P

    172 rear ABS sensor replacement

    Hello I have 172 ph2 year 2002. I need to change rear ABS sensor, I can not find it cheaper than 75GBP orginal renault part in Poland which is IMO sick price for ABS sensor. part number 6 000 073 527, are that any cheaper than OEM replacement on UK market ? Regards Piotr
  19. Mash.

    Ph1, cup abs delete - Rear brakes keep locking up

    Any suggestions before I throw the cup brakes lines in the bin on my ph1 and make my own lines with bias valve Rear brakes keep locking up, when it's on stands and someone has there foot on the brake I can spin the rear wheels with not much effort at all (i.e. low braking effort) which is good...
  20. Korky

    Ph1 172 Abs removal

    Hi guys, currently planning an abs removal, I have a cup master cylinder and ford pressure reducing valves. First off is it just the two nuts under the master cylinder holding it in place? My plan is the run the two front lines from the two front ports (closest to the engine) and the two rear...
  21. R

    ABS Pulsing - Replacing ABS ring

    Hi, I've been having some problems with my ABS warning light coming on. I am also getting a pulsing from the ABS at slow speed which seems to sometimes trigger the lights to come on. I thought it was a sensor problem but today I stripped the brakes down and found a lot of corrosion to the hub...
  22. Fergie606

    Clio Cup 172 ABS rings?

    Sorry sure this would of been covered but can I check, I've ordered rear discs for my cup (no abs) with rings fitted but they have the larger number of teeth than the ones currently fitted but as no abs sensor then in theory there not needed?? Can I just leave them fitted (46 tooth) or is it...
  23. V

    ABS Light

    I've just got back from holiday so the car hasn't been driven for a while, brakes sounded a bit rough to start with but nothing unusual after having sat for a while but the first time i took the car over 60 the ABS and Service lights popped up. I limped home, and left it over night, when i went...
  24. Tommo.

    Which ABS sensors?

    Unfortunately, I had to butcher my front ABS sensors when removing them from the hub carriers, so I need to replace them. Is this a 'genuine only' part of is there a good (and cheaper) alternative? Thanks in advance.
  25. C

    Rear right abs sensor part number?

    Hello fellas been trying to get a rear right abs sensor for my Clio 172 with cruise and traction control. Ecp say there are 3 available but can't guarantee its the right one. They recommended getting the parts number from Renault. So I've rang Renault who have refused to give me the part number...
  26. O

    ABS Light on

    Obviously my car is upset that I've decided to put it up for sale, so this morning my ABS light has re-appeared. It came on briefly just before I was getting it MOT'd, but once it was cleared it has been fine since. Before I find somewhere that can read the code, are there any common issues...
  27. C

    Abs sensor removal hints and tips please

    I'm getting my car on diagnostics this week due to the abs , serv and traction light being constantly on ( I should have bought a cup). Now I've had a look at the little blighter today and I couldn't even get the torx has bolt top move. Are there any tips to removing these? Everything I've...
  28. pj_sibley

    ABS + ESP Lights (no SERV) - 182 Trophy

    i have searched high and low on this forum and others for an example of the same symptoms, but haven't quite found it yet.... The ABS and ESP lights are both illuminated in my 182 Trophy, from the moment of start-up to the moment of switch off. Just very occasionally, switching the ignition off...
  29. theburns1

    ABS light on

    I've just replaced my o/s driveshaft with a decent recon shaft and the and light is now on. I didn't count the teeth on the abs ring but they looked the same by eye. Is there any thing I can do to turn it off? Thank gaz
  30. JoshE

    Garage in Nottingham for abs ring replacement

    My girlfriends Kia Picanto 1.0 needs a new reluctor ring as the ABS sometimes comes on on at low speeds under breaking. Kia want £170 to replace the ring, its only a £20 part and just over an hours labour. Can anyone recommend a garage in Nottingham/ Chilwell area? The only place I know is...