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Abs sensor incorrect from Renault Main Dealer, 182 Cup?

I ordered a nsr Abs sensor from Renault main dealer and it arrived incorrect, after speaking to the chap at Renault he said they was non other listed for the car,.
Anyhow after removing today and getting part numbers etc and a bit of digging ive sourced one that way and its arrived correct,.. is this a common thing regards Cup chassis or build dates etc, i was just trying to get to the bottom of it before i carry out other jobs i want to do.
My 182 has cup spoiler, Grey wheels and Cup front splitter,..the abs sensor had a male plug on it and a larger sensor compared to what was sent from renault (female connector small sensor)
My reasoning on this lot is im going to polybush the front lower arms and replace ball joints but now im curious if anything aftermarket is going to be the same as whats on the car, i dont trust that all lower arms rack ends, track rods are going to have the same amount of castor/track etc as the original equipment on the car, im new to these and like to do the job right first time so any help is appreciated. (y)