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Absolute nutters!


ClioSport Club Member
  Ph1 172
Found this channel on YouTube and it's bloody brilliant.. Two cheap hot hatches getting driven to the absolute limit and the guys driving are having a right laugh in the process!

Makes me really want a 306gti now!

Those guys are nutters. Skilful ones though. Why were their cars so oversteery though? Got to be using T1-R tyres for it to lose grip so easily


ClioSport Club Member
  R55 Mini Clubman JCW
They seem pretty adept at reacting to the slides, they can certainly pedal! With taking those risks, I can’t help but think it will end up pretty badly in the end with a major off.
Drive a 306. Any 306. You will find that the definition of lift off oversteer was written following the launch of said car :ROFLMAO:

I nearly crashed my Rallye 2 minutes after picking up for that very reason.
Haha sounds fun, I wish I bought one now. My mates had a few 306 GTI-6 and they always went well in a straight line but I doubt he pushed them hard enough for the lift off oversteer to happen. Great cars!


ClioSport Club Member
  Merc Dueliner sport
I remember when one of the car mags reviewed the 306, they binned it and had a photo sequence of it going off the road