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Activating cruise control on Clio III

  Clio mk3 1.4 16v
I have an '06 Clio III Dynamique 1.4, and I'm going through the process of retrofitting OEM cruise control to it. I bought a switch panel with the extra cruise control switch, steering wheel and airbag with the cruise buttons, as well as a clock spring that has the relevant connector to hook up the cruise buttons.
I've fitted all of the above, but the ECU needs some reprogramming in order to recognise the buttons and activate cruise control/speed limiter. I couldn't find a ton of info online about the process, but I gather the "easiest way" is to buy some expensive piece of kit like a Solus Pro or Can Clip.
I'm not about to drop several hundred on a programmer for a car worth probably the same amount, and I doubt the Renault dealership will do me the service of activating the feature on a 15 year old car, so does anyone have any idea of alternative methods that I could use?
I have a relatively cheap USB -> OBDII cable that works with VCDS on VAG cars, so I would assume it could serve the same purpose on my Clio. Alternatively, does anyone in the West Midlands (UK) area have the kit and know-how to do this? I could pop down on a weekend and I'm sure it'd only take a couple of minutes with the right tools :)
Many thanks in advance

(Also, please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong section. This is my first time on a car forum!)


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Find someone local or a specialist with clip and they will be able to activate it, a dealership will be doing it but its just finding one friendly and interested enough to want to do it, getting a tech to do it wont be an issue as a lot of them are our type of people but its getting through the booking process that's the issue lol


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Can clip or Ren0link will do it. Can clip clone is not too expensive to buy around £130. Ren0link is even cheaper but risky if you have no programming experience.

StageX should be able to do it, Coventry based iirc.