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adding the gf to my insurance

  Clio 182 cup'd
right ive just been sorting out my next policy, and assumming my gf has not had an accident, it will not cost anymore to insure her.

The only problem is that she had a "bump" 18 months ago, writing off her car and the other guys car. At the time she was a named driver and so didnt actually claim herself, the claim went against her mum, and mum lost any no claims.

If I were to add her, would I need to declare this?
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
So you're saying GF crashed but Mother said mother was driving and claimed?

Or GF driving, GF said GF was driving? But was on mother's policy so it went off here mothers insurance?

If it's the former then for all that claim would be fraudulent, then you need not declare it as officially GF has not had a crash, mother has.

If it's the latter then you will have to declare it as though she was on her mam's insurance and it was her mam that lost no claims, GF still has accident history.

If it's any consolation my policy went up from £611 to £651 ie just £40 to put on my lass, and she has had an accident and had no no claims bonus.
  Clio 182 cup'd
women eh

yeah she crashed it and the insurance know she did

If she hadnt crashed, we could both be insured for £370 on a 172, not bad at 23 and 19. Oh well, doesnt look like she'll get a go now lol
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
Get a quote anyway. You may be surprised. Adding a second driver often brings the quote down depending on their history.

I'm with, give them a try.