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Addy's RB 200 Project

Hi All,

I've recently started a project thread on the 197 forum but since also just joining here I thought I would share my progress whilst it's a new thread!

First of all, I'm glad to be back in a 200 after a year and a half, even more so after being ultimately forced to sell my previous one at no fault other than my own.

This time around I managed to score my myself a lovely RB rather than GW previously which I'm extremely happy with! Whilst this one is a touch higher on mileage at 90k, it runs perfect after a full top end rebuild around 2.5k miles ago at two techs in Dartford. The previous owner purchased this assuming there was a misfire unfortunately for him it was actually an incorrectly fit cambelt which ultimately wrecked the engine. Before you ask, it was actually done by a Renault specialist garage which is the scarier bit... but since the car wasn't in my ownership at the time of this happening I won't name anyone as I can only go off of the history with the car.

Anywhos, let's get on to the fun parts, before I go any further, here's the car


I had a lovely drive to Kent on Saturday and collected it Sunday morning followed by a drive to reading to purchase some Recaros from another member on here.

I have done a few additional things so far but I feel like I'm waffling! I will add some more pictures below and follow up shortly with what I'm planning to do and have done so far!



Busy little morning after finally get a few hours of dry time (it's non stop raining!). I forgot to add photos of the Recaros now they're fitted to the car, so here we are. Pretty much immaculate condition bar a small amount of wear on the drivers lower bolster. Although it'll never get any worse as I swing in Indiana Jones style into the seat.


For anyone wondering, the straps around the top of the seat are for the dogs hammock, we can't go anywhere without him tagging along!

So this morning I've had the diffuser off, one to check out some minor rattling luckily the rattles were just an abundance of gravel and stones between the diffuser and heatshield. In fact, so many that I could probably regravel my garden! Anyways nice easy fix, unfortunately forgot to take some pictures whilst it was off however everything was in top shape, very happy 🙂 I also finally got my V5 so I could put my plate back on 👍🏻


Whilst everything was out I thought I may as well check over the scuttles give them all the wiper motor a quick clean, grease it up and cover it all in some ACF ready for some salty roads and sea air ahead. (We couldn't get much closer to the sea so rust may be a small issue. Any other areas I should consider coating?)

Before coating I had a quick check of the scuttle drains which I'm glad I did as the drivers one was blocked and flooded.




All good for this year protection wise. Although I'll definitely keep an eye on the drains as usual. I also always like to see nice bits of history of the car, the inspection sticker is still intact under the bottom. Which is strangely a nice sight.


I believe this could be one of the first few 200's to be registered? It was 1st September 2009. Although I could be wrong, it'd be nice to know though!

You can't tell as much now however last Monday we put a fresh set of discs and pads on all-round, brembo pads and pagid discs. I did want better discs although they needed doing the same day and those are all we could get out hands on sadly, the rears were totally shot and the fronts heavily warped. They do the job nicely for now though!



The rears are on brand new PS4 when I collected the car, the fronts are just about gone but they're being changed next Monday along with a new lower ball joint and two new front shocks as the passenger side has failed. Followed by an alignment it should be like a new car, the pulling and knocking is driving me mental at the moment.

More stuff also on the way (even though I promised myself to keep the spending to a minimum this month).

Anywhos, hope you all had/have a nice weekend. Here's another 🍑 shot!

Few bits I've been working on this week. Slowly getting happier and happier with the car. Even more so with today's changes!


One of the small ones which makes a great difference. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with the original aerial however the rubbing on the cup spoiler has take a toll over the years with some rubbing which has removed the paint. The cup spoiler needs a repaint in the future but will probably save that for next summer along with the drivers rear quarter which is slightly scraped.


I also changed over the old windowscreen hoses so these are no longer falling to dust and unmatched as someone originally put a random blue one on the short side. Although, I'm not entirely happy with these as I want an oem finish. Does anyone know where I could get some oem look pipes or know the part numbers?


I also managed to get my fancy "tie-wrap" installed which should hopefully be a partial cure to the kangarooing, I need a few more drives to fully check although it does feel better, I'm not sure if it's a placebo though...





Old vs new! Although the front passenger shock was failing I felt I made sense to change both sides to get a refresh even though the drivers looked fine. Lower ball joint also replaced, knocking and pulling now cured. Happy days! Feels like a totally new car, extremely glad these have been changed as it's felt a long couple of weeks waiting to get it sorted!


Terrible picture but shows the change! Dead tyres off the front and PS4 to replace, essentially brand new PS4 all-round now. It actually grips, yippee!


I didn't actually get any pictures of this fitted but thought I would treat you to this mess underneath. The silencer was blowing very badly and clearly has in the past since it's been welded by someone clearly incapable of welding! I've replaced this with a straight pipe to delete it temporary, not the perfect solution although fixes some issues until I find a decent system to go on.

Currently still doing stuff as I type so expect another update shortl
Nice and easy updates today! Since I've had the car I've basically driven through 4 seasons and it's absolutely filthy. The car looked clean previously although it's a totally new clean now as I'm extremely anal :)

Full wash, decontamination, polished, sealed/protected then waxed. Unfortunately won't reap too many benefits of the cleanliness as it's due to rain for the next week straight... Although it should keep the car easy to clean for next time and protect it much more! Still needs a full machine polish, deep deep clean and better sealing however that's a summer job.






I also got some free time to replace the window door seals which were beyond wrecked, what a tedious job that was. Definitely worth the hassle though.



My knock on the front still remains unfortunately so back to problem solving, going to replace an additional ball joint, if that doesn't fix it I'll replace the drop link. Fingers crossed one resolves it :)

rs 1an

South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Like the plate, the Kangoo is the top engine mount needs changing, the cup racer speedlines in black would look nice, 😎😍
Like the plate, the Kangoo is the top engine mount needs changing, the cup racer speedlines in black would look nice, 😎😍

Cheers! Kangarooing is minimal now after fitting the map bracket still slightly annoying though so will get the mount replaced shortly ;)

That's happening for sure! Sooner rather than later as these ones have been badly painted and drive me nuts! :ROFLMAO:
A little delay in updates! Akrapovic now fitted, in love!

Absolutely perfect for myself, not insanely loud but just enough to know it's there and a lovely tone. I've had the non res scorpion before which was lovely but just a bit too much for a daily imo!



Oil was getting low and have been trying to get a little bit of time to do an oil and filter change which I got around to doing this morning.


Out with the old...



On with the new... Always elf for me personally and genuine filter. Don't worry, it's not in the picture but I did replace the sump washer too!

All nice, new and full again!


Also replaced the droplink on the OSF but still no cure for the knocking unfortunately... Bottom ball joint and track rod ends next!
A couple of little jobs as of recent, trying to time work with the weather. Always fun!

A touch dirty but not massively. Looks worse than it was however, replaced it for my own knowledge. I like to get everything checked off so I know myself when it was last done!

Old Pollen Filter out and new one in, unfortunately didn't get a picture of a tree worth of leaves in the footwell!



I also replaced the TREs this weekend. Made this extra awkward by not having all tools to hand but it's done now! The OSF was shot as expected, knocking seems partially fixed. Maybe still there or I'm possibly just trying too hard to hear it still. I'll be able to tell after a bit more driving!

NSF was in good condition, albeit a bit aged but replaced it anyways as I had both to hand as thought it made sense with getting another alignment done, slightly out but booked in for that doing tomorrow.





I replaced them with TRW ones, which I believe are the OEM equivalents? Made sense imo considering there was a £50 difference in each side. Crazy!

I'll report back after the alignment tomorrow.
Did you replace all the balljoints whilst the hubs were off? If not then slap the back of your hand man😂

Also, that's the anti-twist link you replaced not the droplink although it does look like its had a dropping recently from your other pics😉

Haha, all the ball joints apart from the lower have been replaced recently. Although I think that's on its way out and it's not a job for me unfortunately 😂

Agreed, shame on me for picturing it badly 😅 The anti rotation link and droplink replaced at the same time just never pictured the droplink 🤣
Haha, all the ball joints apart from the lower have been replaced recently. Although I think that's on its way out and it's not a job for me unfortunately 😂

Agreed, shame on me for picturing it badly 😅 The anti rotation link and droplink replaced at the same time just never pictured the droplink 🤣
Ahhhh nooo😭😂 I'd have done the whole lot whilst they were off for the shocks. Upper and lowers and wheel bearings. They're a right pain in the titties😂

Get it jacked up and wiggle the wheels. And get a solid upper torque mount on there, it will stop your manifold falling to bits. Sounds silly but its unfortunately true😂
Ahhhh nooo😭😂 I'd have done the whole lot whilst they were off for the shocks. Upper and lowers and wheel bearings. They're a right pain in the titties😂

Get it jacked up and wiggle the wheels. And get a solid upper torque mount on there, it will stop your manifold falling to bits. Sounds silly but its unfortunately true😂

We were trying to find the knock originally so would've done it all at once if I knew tbh! When I bought it they said the garage diagnosed it as a faulty new ball joint, replaced it with no luck and just been doing everything else in bits since, become a ballache tbh 😳

There's no play in the wheel at all now, I think there's still a faint knock but I don't know if I'm just trying to hear things now haha, it is much better since the TREs in fairness.

Upper torque mount is currently on its way, due to arrive today I believe 😉 There's some play in that and kind of hoping that's a contribution to a vibration noise 😂
They do cause a bit of a knock when they're all floppy. The one on my Megane was so shagged the metal inner in the centre was completely separated😂 Its worth checking your top mounts too

Jesus, just a little bit knackered then :ROFLMAO: I replaced the top mount bearings, why I just did the bearings and not just the top mounts I really don't know, can't of been much difference in price!

Also, torque mount fitted just for you ;)
Little quick one as I was dying to get this on, eager beaver and all that. Took me too long to fit this on the last car, feel stupid as this time it only took me about 45 minutes including cleaning it! :oops:





Spot on, too late to test drive. That's tomorrow's job. What kind of idiot fits essential parts on a school night? ;)
What a day... Planned out with doing a gearbox oil change, powerflex rear shock bushes and replacing the bumper support panel and only got the gearbox oil changed!

As usual, began by getting everything out in the dry to begin and it rains. About right I suppose? Any who's, I decided to go with Castrol, I spent ages deciding on elf, castrol and redline. Whilst I would've preferred redline I couldn't help but feel being ripped off from buying three bottles (I'm northern, so I'm tight).


Crappy photo, but you get the idea. Old oil out, didn't look as bad as expected but still pretty minging. Few lovely metalitc sparkles too...


I did buy a new sump plug, washer and filler cap and washer. Sump plug was perfect. However, the filler cap didn't fit? Has it been changed or have I just got the wrong part? A little bit strange, lost a little bit of oil to it but there's plenty in there. Just used the original filler cap.


Now for the nightmare. Decided to replace the rear shock bushes with the powerflex alternatives. All was good up until I needed to reassemble.


Not a huge difference, but fairly noticeable and as expected a hell of a lot firmer. When including the washers in the kit the threads don't sit high enough to allow the nut to fit back on the rear.


As you can see the thread just finishes before the nyloc on the nut. Gutted, messed about for ages trying to get these to fit as I just though they were extremely tight fitting. Definitely need a low profile nut for them regardless of what shocks you have. Top of the strut looks a bit rough now but I'm replacing the shocks so I'm not too fussed for now.


So yes, original back on and unfortunately had a tragic loss amongst my battle with the strut.


Great way to finish the day. Thankfully nothing expensive broken. Just a bit miffed I only got the oil change done. Least I know next time that I just need the different nuts for the new bushes to fit.

Maybe will fit the new bumper panel tomorrow, we'll see!