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Adrian Flux

Little review of my experience with Adrian Flux over the past month

I have been with Chris Knott for YEARS but as Adrian Flux are advertised all over modified car clubs, and sponsors of FCS etc.. I thought I'd give them a go
So I rang up for a quote. It took AGES to tell the guy everything that had been done to the car as I explained it was primarily a track car. The guy was calling me "mate" every 30 seconds and sounded really c**ky which was bugging me - but eventually he gave me a price which was £30 less than my renewal and they said I'd have like for like cover on all my mods - which was very appealing

I agreed to take the policy out, paid a £90 deposit and gave them my bank details for paying monthly - all was well
They sent me some paperwork to fill out - agreed mileage form, modification details forms and asked for proof of my NCB and copies of my license

All very good

Except then a few days later I get an email saying there credit company have failed me for a loan (WTF) so my insurance was null and void in 14 days time.
I pay for contents insurance and car insurance on my other car all monthly through finance companies. Properly annoyed
So I ring up and ask why I can't pay for it all in one go - and the woman snapped and said "well obviously you can if you pay in under 14 days" - talking to me like I'm scum because I failed a credit check - NICE
I double checked the email and nowhere did it say I could pay - it just said insurance will be cancelled in 14 days

So I waited till pay day rang up and paid the full amount (nearly £580) - I asked if I would get some sort of receipt or confirmation that my insurance was still valid "yeah you will" - all I ever got was an email saying thanks for payment *sigh*
I also asked why the paperwork they'd sent me only had 4 mods on it when I gave them an extensive list and she said that was all there was room for on the form, but it was all on the computer and no problems - just fill the form in with full details and send it back.

I then filled in all the supporting paperwork and sent it off

I get an email 2 weeks later saying that I had listed mods on the paperwork that I didn't inform them about on the phone - apparently my engine was "chipped" and they wanted another £68
I rang up fuming - I told the guy it had a full jenvey throttle body kit and ecu
When I rang up the woman basically said I hadn't told them about the "engine chip", braided hoses and a steering wheel - so they wanted another £68. I said I wasn't happy because I did say I had an aftermarket ecu and it wasnt an "engine chip" - she said she would talk to her manager and ring me back
5hours later I get a phone call where she says she has listened to my original phone conversation and I never mentioned the engine chip. Apparently I told them my car was bodykitted???? *sigh*

She then asked if it was ok to take the £68 from my card - and I said "no it isn't"
I asked for an address to write to as I wasn't getting anywhere with the morons on the phone and left it at that

Guess what - today they took the £68 from my card without permission

Absolutely BY FAR the worst service I've ever had from an insurance company
The people on the phones don't understand car mods at all - they sound like essex chav's
After I failed there credit check everyone was rude to me and talked to me like s**t

I certainly won't be allowing them to advertise on 106owners anymore
I think I am going to write a letter though I don't expect much to come from it
I guess at least I have a years insurance paid for up front now - but I'm nearly £700 out of pocket when I wanted to pay monthly and to be honest I think the like-for-like part of my insurance is pointless because I have absolutely no faith at all that they've got the list of my mods right

  No car
It sounds like they don't understand customer service at all. Lol at Jenvey throttle body kit sounding like a body kit lol

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
I would be on to experian or similar to check why you were refused credit mate. It could be a mistake their end but I'd still want to make sure my credit history was ok.
  Trafic 140dci
Not good! In all fairness when i called up for a quote on my ph1, the bloke i got through to was very helpful and knew what he was talking about, i guess it's just luck of the draw who answers the phone.
  E46 M3
Did you try Brentacre? They know what they're talking about, had a discussion about rear anti-roll bars and not making book power.

They quote based on power, everything else is free with like for like replacement.