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advice needed please, poor tickover, poor power

  sport 172
i have just recently bought a clio sport 172, was fine when i got it but after a couple of days it started playing up. was driving and the management light came on, the car lost most of its power but didnt cut out, it seemed to go into safemode. after i turned the engine off and back on it was ok again, done this a few times and then another light came on think its the orange exhaust emmision light.
put the car on a snapon diagnostics machine and it came up with

1 brake pedal switch
2 throttle possition sensor

as its a phase 2 the throttle possition sensor is built into the throttlebody, has any1 had this problem and if so is there a cheaper fix, or anything to try as the car just doesnt seem to have as much power as it should and seems to miss a bit on tickover ,and would these faults cause this.