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Advice on my clio


Just a couple of questions regarding my clio if anyones willing to answer. When i purchased the car for some reason it had clear side repeaters, see pic ( Its a 2005 dynamique ) dont know if this is standard or not?

Not going for any major modifications really, at the moment got a 172/182 grille on as i got given it for nothing... although just looking to go down the styling mods road for now...

firstly, ive been looking around to see how much a decent job of color coding strips and bumper inserts would be... what sort of price should i be looking for? also is it worth doing the door handles?

Silvatek bulbs for front and rear indicators? Ive looked around on the forum and its the 581 offset pin correct?

Finally, its currently got the 15" dynamiqe alloys on it, which i dont really want to change as of yet... what do you think it would look like lowered? If i were to lower it, is it just springs i need to replace, or shocks aswell? ( Coilovers are over budget at the moment lol )...

Thanks if anyone can help...

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The side repeaters are standard on that model yes.

The grill looks good keep that.

Im not sure about the colour coding in terms of how much but I think it's a good idea and yes I would get the door handles done aswell.

Wheels - get 16" alloys maybe euro styleee lowered 50-60mm. yes springs and shocks replace both or get a full suspension kit as these are alot cheaper than coilovers.

However coilovers are the daddy ;)

Hope that helps
cheers for the comments, i know its easy to change the rear bulbs... but is it as easy to change the headlamp ones?


ClioSport Club Member
but if you want standard orange 1's im more than happy to swap :)

as for lowering anything more than 40mm need new shocks

and colour coding be looking at £200 upwards really all depends on how good the bodyshop/finish is

front bulbs need small hands:(
  Leon Cupra R 225
f0xy said:
cheers for the comments, i know its easy to change the rear bulbs... but is it as easy to change the headlamp ones?

It's not as easy but it will be more of a fiddly job to be honest due to things in the way under bonnet. It's a diy job though and can be done with a bit of patience and careful handling when fitting the new bulbs.

aight. say i wanted to go down 35/40mm on the current 15's, is it ok to just replace the springs? or will this damage other things over time?
  Leon Cupra R 225
35/40mm on springs are ok but to be safe I wouldnt skimper on suspension. I would look past springs and get at least a full sus kit next time I lower a car.
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tommyboy said:
Took me 5 mins to do each one but hey maybe I got lucky :)

depends if you've got air con, as the pipe runs directly where your hand needs to go on the drivers side. took me absolutely ages to get it in. pardon the pun ;)


ClioSport Club Member
the front bulbs are easy, if u open the bonnet and look at the lights forn the back, at the very top behind the original bulb it is simply a turn to release locking mechanism, so turn to unlock, and the pull it out, and then swap bulbs and put back in, easy peasy!