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advice/opinion on 1.2 Extreme (might buy)


Im new to the forum and looking for a bit of reassurance...

Ive been looking around for a first and ideally new car... tempted by 12mths free insurance and good finance packages... did the usual shopping around but always and stupidly assumed that Renault never threw insurance in with the Clio so didnt really consider it. Anyhow, I had a dealer on my back about signing for a Corsa Sxi - which in fairness I prefered to the 106, Saxo, Fiesta, Punto, blah blah blah - but then noticed on the web the existance of the Clio Sport 1.2 16v at a reasonable price *and* with the insurance.

As Ive always considered the Clio - particularly Sport - a v desirable small car, I looked around, got a fairly good deal on a remaining Clio Extreme which has a superb spec compared to anything else at the price, and have placed an order. Thing is, I havent even had a look at one, let alone test drive, and Im naturally hoping that Ive made the right choice!

So, how does the Extreme fare? Any feedback will be appreciated. If all goes ahead then Ill be joining the club in about a week :)


  BMW 320d Sport

Well when I first saw one in the showroom, I thought that was a tidy little motor. Then I chuckled to myself about the Extreme label! But you get a lot for your money if youre after a new motor, especially if youre after something with a smaller engine.

I wasnt asking how it compared to the larger motored Clios :)

At 21 with 0 years NCB and a penis, a 172 is unfeasible on the insurance side of things!

I just wanna know that Im getting a car that Ill be happy with. I only really rushed into it without testing etc because the dealer said something about end of line models and not many left.


  182 Arctic Blue

Dont think youll be disappointed mate ive notched up over 4000 (cheap!) miles on mine since July & im certainly not...
  Silver Fabia vRS

Nice first car! I had a hire 1.2 16v the other day and it was a nice car, nippy when you wound it up and really easy to drive.

Your age would be ok for a 172 but your lack of NCB would hike the price up a lot! I bought my 172 when I was 21 (now 22 and nearly 23....ahhhh getting old now!) but had 2 years NCB by then but still cost me £1400! I pay £1500 now but I have modded the car.

Well... Im going to have a wander tomorrow and see if I can test drive one somewhere... my mind was pretty made up already just on looks, reputation and the fact that I learnt to drive in one (though not from the Sports collection). Of course... a few years down the road... Ill trade it in for something slightly beefier... like a 172 :)

The dealer in question has put 1300 quid towards my deposit... does that constitute a good deal? (remember Ive not bought a car before) It certainly seemed better than anything Id get from any other manufacturer, for the money.

If you want a test drive just follow the these simple steps, its got me test drive offers on loads of top flight models (inc v6 clio, which I will cash in one extremely sunny day when I need a shag (not with the car, but use as a pulling tool) (and not for pulling a tool either...oh god I give up!))

Ring up Renault UK. Imply your dads rich and he wants you to have a car by the end of the week. Tell em you would like to test drive a car asap. But no later than by monday. Then just wait for the phone call. It should work.


Any dealer who puts £1300 towards your deposit cant be bad. But it depends what "on the on the road" price is.

on the road was £9045 so obviously £7745 when taking his contribution into account. Works out, on Selections agreement, at about £160pm @12k miles pa. Couldnt find another dealer that could match that (I did try).

brand spanka aswell? Not bad mate.

But bear in mind, after alot of shopping I got my 172 mk 2 for £12200 on the road, tax and all..

Dont keep on about your 172... or Ill do something silly like buy an unsensible car that I couldnt possibly afford to insure. Id have to park it up on the driveway and sit in it just for fun. My mate keeps harping on about the day that he gets one, but hes got 4 yrs NCB and a trade-in, hence a big advantage over me. Im sure Ill thoroughly enjoy the 1.2 as a first motor. Thanks for your replies though, Ill let you know how it goes when it arrives.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

It certainly sounds a bargain to me - I had a 1.2 as a courtesy car earlier this week and I enjoyed driving it. Any new car for £7,700 would be ok - but this is a proper one :D

get a dynamique. same car minus the cd player(which can be upgraded to with hundred quid) and it dosent have the crazy blue interior. i personally thought the interior in the extreme was a bit off.

My mate had one as a courtesy car a few months ago. Felt really well built and seemed like a bit of a bargain to me. My money would be on a Dynamique DCi engined one though, as a second car.

Yeah I think my limitation is cost more than anything else... the Dynamique also lacks metallic paint (+275 notes?) and doesnt seem to be available with such a good discount (the dealers say Extreme is discontinued, so clearing end of line stock and hence only available in Platinum Silver which I dont mind)...

Ben if I had a few thou more Id be v interested in the Dynamique+ DCi 80... simply because I could happily drive from here (Southampton) to my parents (Lake District) and back on a tank of fuel... and have a few extra horsepower too.

Am I right in guessing that the basic 65hp DCi would be rather less responsive than the Extreme?


  182 Arctic Blue

dci very similar - bit more pull at motorway speeds, more mpg, more noise in traffic though. Sounds like you got an excellent deal there. You mention in your top post that you havnt had a look at one, I assume you have seen the interior as this would be a major selling point (or not - depending or your tastes!).

Neil i think you have defnately done the right thing. it always pays to start on a smaller engined car to build up your no claims with out emptying your bank. I will never understand why these youngsters feel the need to blow their years earning and pratically any other money they have just to be the first of their mates to have the "sportiest " car, i have been driving 10 years and most of the cars i have owned up to now have been no bigger than 1400cc!! but then i have enough money left over to do things like eat, run a house, shop etc etc etc.........

i dont believe for one minute you will be dissappointed with the performance of the 1200, its a little car so there for should be nice and nimble...........

good luck and enjoy!!!


Correct i still havent seen the Extreme, hence starting this post before entering quite a significant financial commitment. Ive just arranged to test drive a Dynamique this afternoon (obviously not going to mention already ordered from other dealer...) but I wont get to see an Extreme until its ready for collection (havent signed anything, can still pull out).

Whats the interior of the Extreme like?! I know that its blue, but can somebody elaborate? From what some of you guys have said Im guessing its slightly outrageous? As long as it matches the silver exterior and is tasteful rather than tacky, I dont care what its like.

Can I just say, that when I originally started going round the garages cost was a big issue, and I started looking at basic Saxos and 106s... so the Clio is bound to exceed my expectations.


  182 Arctic Blue

Pretty blue!!

When i was looking at cars I looked at & drove saxos, 106, 206, Yaris etc, the clio is FAR superior IMO. Fiat Stilo & Corsa SXI nearly made it into my garage though...both I liked a lot but not as much as the clio (obviously!).



I have had the dynamique and have now got the extreme which happens to be in Platinum. I like the interior in the extreme, however, it does mark really easily so supagaurd is a must.!!! My mate chose not have his supagaurded and he has got loads of marks on his seats. You deal is a good one. I paid a little more back in Sept when i odered mine. Got it for £8150 with alarm, supagaurd, tank of juice. So is def a good deal. My dynamique was £9100 with all the same features in Nov 2001!!! By the way got mine all the grey bits colour coded and the silver looks ace (I was intially a little unsure as I had had Pearl Black.)

I love that interior...but then again I have no eyes. No seriosly, I do quite like it. I suppose its because I am used to all that grey on my clio. Outside metalic grey, inside, grey, rims silver, wheels back. "its all black! muahahahhauauaauajajahaaua!"


I bought the 1.2 16v Dynamique in January this year for the missus, I needed a cheap car to run and something that was , to put it meekly, nice!

The car returns an average of 43mpg and I have seen it as high as 54mpg on the run from Newcastle to Edinburgh and back, not many petrols can get that good. When you drive it fast it still gets about 35mpg, which aint bad.

I know it aint the most powerful engine in the world, in truth only a 1.1ltr as its 1149cc (cheap skate b!stards Renault, I wanna true 1200cc!) but @ Crail with all the baggage, amps, subs and 17s, with a passenger mine ran a 19.01 quarter. Which, although you will all laugh beat any other car up to 1300cc apart from a well modded Micra (1.3 16v twin cam!).

In short, great car!

My Dad has the Extreme in cyclone blue and he loves it. Bought it as a cheap car to run to work and back and sold his 320 BMW shortly after cos he says he likes the Clio more! (weird man but heh)

Do me a favour though, when you buy it put silver bulbs in the indicators cos I hate the "fried egg" effect the crappy orange ones give off!:cool:
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Neil I wasnt comparing it to a larger engined Clio, my point is that the Extreme is a tidy car for the money and it certainly looks the part. What I actually meant was that when I first saw it, I saw the Extreme badge and Im sure I instantly drew comparisons between an Evo VI/VII Extreme and a Clio Extreme :) Hope you can see what I mean Clio that I know of could be considered Extreme compared to the Evo! Get the Clio and enjoy it.

First of all - what a night out.

Anyway guys thanks for all the info... particularly the photo of the interior cDc youre a star for that.

I test drove the 1.2 Dynamique today - thoroughly impressed with everything from looks to interior features and quality through to performance... the little 1.2 motor growled right back at me! Seriously, I was close to signing on the line for the Corsa Sxi but not now. Id go for the Clio even if it cost a few grand more - but Ive got it for less!!!

The bottom line is that I cant wait to collect the little beast... I feel like a little boy waiting for Christmas.

Out of sheer interest, is anyone else on here from around about Southampton?
  BMW 320d Sport

There are quite a few in your area...I think you have to be a member to see the member list for each area of the country, but youre definitely not alone down there on the South Coast!

Congratulations on your choice anyway, much better than a Corsa

only 3 days left now :)

I blagged tomorrow afternoon off work with a view to sneaking up early but the dealer said hes already arranged the insurance to commence saturday and couldnt bring it forward :(

oh yeah with regard to running in (saw your other post) I was planning on running mine up to Cumbria (where my parents live) and back (to Southampton) at gentle revs which should be about 700 on the clock over the weekend just to speed the process up a little... is that a good idea?

i only ordered it last thursday... i spoke to a dealer in Southampton and a dealer in Cardiff and both said 7-10 days. I went with Cardiff because he did a better deal, and they had received the car on Monday (3 working days later).

However, both made it clear that Renault arent taking any new orders for the Extreme because theyre replacing it with a Billabong-themed model so aptly named (which doesnt appeal to me) so these cars were already imported and hence couldnt be modified. And only Platinum Silver left. So if you specced yours up at all then I guess youre left waiting.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Welcome to the forums Neil,

Youre sure to love the Clio. Ive had my 1.4 for just over a year now and Im very impressed with it. My dad drives a BMW 318i and he said hes swap anytime as my car seems quieter and he thinks it is a quality small car.

As for your running in the car over one trip, Im not sure thats a great idea especially if youre going to be on the motorway (so even though the revs would be gentle, theyd be constant which is not good in any way for running in a motor). Id rather suggest you do it over a week or two, but if you have to do the trip in the motor, I guess it wont do too much harm. I had to do a long motor way trip in mine a week after I got it, but I figured that since Id done half the running in, I would be safe.

Okay, enough of my rambling. Enjoy the car, and Im sure youll get many happy miles in it.


  182 Arctic Blue

yeah depends on the colour & spec you want - when I got mine the dealer had four plat. cars but no blue, I could have had one the same day but decided to wait the 6 weeks or whatever to get the spec and colour I wanted.

For running in, details come in the manual :) I stuck to what it said assuming it to be there (and correct) for a reason. the limits are 3.5k revs or 60mph i think.

You read the manual? I asked the dealer and he said dont worry about it..... they all run in on a machine these days..... I didnt just go in and thrash all the time.. but ya got to floor it and use the revs slowly builded up to 6k over 300 miles!