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Advice please !! (197 tyres)

  Black 197
Good Morning !

Right the old girl needs some new rubber but i'm torn on which rubber to buy !

The situation stands that im rolling on the conti's at present, i swapped the wheels from front to back 6 months ago so i have about 1mm legal tread before the 1.6mm border on the rear and about 3mm legal tread before the 1.6mm border on the fronts.

I dont know whether its worth putting the fronts on the rear again (4mm tread) and putting fresh tyres on the the rears and transfer them to the front if that makes sense lol

Now Conti's average £150 a piece so £300 for the pair give or take

Now i've seen loads of tyres and i know the conti's are great but as chrimbo is approaching plus i've got a lil one due in a month i'd rather replace all 4 and be done with it, I also dont have thousands in the bank and dont want budgets either !

I've seen a good deal on Parada spec 2's and can get 4 for £250 fitted.
Are they any good ? I dont track the car and dont drive like its stolen 24/7 so i need a tyre that is decent but not 888 territory.

Should i just do the above and buy the contis or brave it and replace all 4 with the paradas ?

BTW the parads are 215/40/17 W so i know the profile is slighly smaller but it's getting slammed soon anyway..

Advice on what to do for the best please or even better tyre recomendations with links/prices would be appreciated !

  Clio 197
I've just had the same decision to make on the 197 i've recently bought.

If you look on ebay there is a couple of suppliers based in Macclesfied that offer cheap deals on 215/40/17s. I've used both places in the past and found them to be very useful and more importantly very cheap!

Initally i was going to go for Parada's but the guy at the type place said that while they're awesome in the dry, they can be pretty dangerous in the wet and they're also very soft so not great if your doing a lot of miles. Instead I went for the toyo t1r's: cost £138 for 2 plus £8 delivery but if you're nearby they'll fit them for free. Only had them on for 2 weeks but they're great so far and meant to wear alot better than the Yokos.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
What size are you running? I've got on with them brilliantly, and they are cheap.