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Advice pls - Radar Detectors

I have considered one of these a few times but am unsure if they actually work.
Can anyone recommend the best - money is not important - I just want the best available.
A guide for price would also help.


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

I would recommend a BEL EURO 550, I think the price now is around £250-£300.

Also worth a look are the GPS based Geoddesy type units, although they wont pick up mobile traps.

Depends what sort of car its for. The Valentine 1 is the best on the market IMO but doesnt work in my 172 - the reflective bits in the windscreen stop the device working - i think all detectors are the same.

There is a new GPS system called Origin Blue - friend at work just got one - looks good - he has a 172 also and has to place the reader in the back as wont go through windscreen

He is therefore selling his 2 month old Valentine for about £375 if anyones interested


Thanks for the Info - I will be using it on my 318Ci which is the latest model.
The screen has the auto windscreen wipers so will this limit me ?
would the Valentine work in my car ? even though not in 172 ?
Thanks for the help,

BTW: On the 172 there is a small bit in the bottom middle of the windscreen that is unprotected, some law about showing passes or something, i believe they work through there.

Defo agree with the Origin - only trouble is you get told where all the cameras are. At least a conventional detector only picks up those with cameras in.

Yes it would work in you BM - my mate has a 330ci and its fine. Its only the Renault - in the Origin booklet it actually has a warning to be careful of renault windscreens.

Yes there is a bit at the bottom of the windscreen - but the wipers distort the signal and you only get a very late reading - normally say 500m at least with the Valo. The good thing about the valentine is that you can programme frequencies to be turned off - most detectors just pick everything up so you get loads of false alarms.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I had a Valentine One last year and nothing could beat it. My mates dad had one of the Bell ones where the radar is in the grill, and the range was poor in comparison. The Euro 550 are also very good. The Valentine also has arrows that point in the direction of the radar which also worked very well....

I did a lot of research before I bought one, and Id have to agree to go for the GPRS one though, although to have maximum protection you would need both as they dont pick up policemen discuised as bushes with a hairdryer....

Hope this helps mate
  Ford Fiesta

Ive just bought the Snooper S5 after reading plenty of reviews. It does very well in reviews compared to older snooper models. It look good too there really isnt much difference performance wise with this and the bel 550. It hasnt missed any for me and Ive been using it the past week or so.

what about if the old bill catch you using it,
i thought they were legal to own but not to use, stupid i know
unless im wrong
  Ford Fiesta

no, they are all legal now apparantly since jan 1998. I also read they have never actually been classed as illegal by the courts themselves.