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Aftermarket radio fuse

  Clio MK3 2007

So currently have a Renault Clio 1.4 Mk3 and am looking to upgrade my radio, the one I have found has a 15 amp fuse in the back (current one has a 10 and works fine) which worries me as I believe this might not be compatible as far as I can tell 10 amps is the normal and is why on my cigarette lighter (from what I can tell it and the radio share a fuse, correct me if I’m wrong) it says max power 120w (10amps x 12volts = 120w). So my question is will I be able to install this aftermarket radio without problems or Is it best to go with another one with 10 Amp. As I’m scared that at high volumes or on long trips with my phone plugged into the cigarette lighter I could run into problems (e.g. fuse blowing).

So I want to know if there is a simple solution to this or if it will work fine without problems.