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AG SPR question

  Titanium 182 FF
I super resined the car about a month ago now and basically when i did it initially i wasn't very impressed. It came up well but for 8 squid a bottle i thort it would look better.

However after a week then 2 weeks i began to notice that the paintwork had a more glossy,deep shine to it that i hadnt seen before, the colour now seems alot richer.

I was wondering whether this is the main principles of the AG SRP? and then to get the deep shine you would use the AG gloss protection?

Cheers, Mat
  106 GTi
The SRP is chemical cleaner/light polish main purpose is to clean the paint restore gloss to the paintwork and leave a good base for the EGP sealant to bond to, it will leave some protection behind aswell.

Adding EGP over the top will add to and deepen the gloss but also will give a decent durable protection.