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:cry: If only women were as simple as cars.... If only if only if only.....

Still I should be getting my Clio back with a new box this friday!!

i dont have either of the best things you can get in life at the mo either i get my 172 on monday and im as single as the day i was born :(
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I got both and to tell the truth, the GF is getting to be a bit much...Might just decide that being single for a while is worth it

wait until you are married mate, or more to the point when you are arranging/waiting to get married! man Im stressed, is this all worth the worry/stress? (12 days and counting!)

Car is cool though, poor bugger has taken alot of my frustration lately!

Well I dumped my bird that I was living with for 2 years, been together 5..... Broke my car, but its coming back soon.... Then really fell out with my Ex bird which is something I didnt want to do.. :confused: Now im moving back to my Dads and going out on the Pull every weekend.... ahhhhh freedom

Ive shaken Jerry Springers hand.

Not by choice, b******s were pointing a camera at me. As he clasped my hand he said Gee, Im so sweaty how nice. Not sure how this relates but this forum is getting more amusing by the day.

LOL at SoLow, been there and bottled it. Sooo glad I did, Id have been so unhappy. Just make sure shes the one.