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Air Bag/Service Warning Light

  renault clio
I have had the standard air bag wrning light issue with my 2004 clio 2 . It was the standard dodgey grey connector under the passenger seat to the pre tensioner. When the light came on again, and refused to go out, I finally decided to remove the grey plug and solder the cables through. Unfortunately this still didnt solve the issue, airbag and service lights only go out for about 5 secs. I transfered my attention to the black connector with red insert- and managed to completely break it. My clio does not have any side seat air bags, so there is no wires coming out of the black connector, only three wires going in and a red insert in the other side. Examining the connector and its red insert with my multimeter looked like all the three wires are just shorted. Black I believe is an earth so i left that alone - shorted the other two - no good . Responding to blogs i stuck a 3.3 ohm resistor between them still no good.
The only errors i now get via OBD2 is "incoherent trigger line " suggesting the ECU is detecting a set up different from its config. This seems to make sense as I have added a resistor simulating a side air bag. I have now unfortunately run out of ideas - can anyone help.
I need to remove the resitor and get back to what the black plug and red insert did initially.
When there is no airbag in the seat, what does the red insert in the black plug do - does it connect any of the three wires, or is there a sneaky bus termination resistor or something in there. If i can replicate what the black plug and termination red insert does, i should be okay. With the resistor in place it looks like i would need to change the configuration to expect an airbag - my Maxilink ML629 doesn't appear to be able to change configurations?
Any help appreciated. None of the brakers round me have a non airbag seat from whiuch i can pinch the black plug/red insert.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Your odb reader got the airbag ecu reader in it? If not you need a proper plugin