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airbag light

  clio 200
As mentioned in another thread, i have done a 182 replica, including the interior. The only thing is, the airbad light has come on. Does anybody know what i plug where to turn this off if possible?

Also, i posted this under brakes suspension... but it is a electrical problem aswel, ive put a 182 rear beam on for the disc brakes, but the abs light has come on. Are there any ways of getting rid of it? ie check fuses fuse? e.t.c. All the connections have been done properly to connect the abs sensors up ..
any help/ideas/suggestions on either or both would be great!

  Golf GTD Mk7
airbag will be a loose wire under your seat. Have a play with them all and see if the light goes out
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Mine is the same ( airbag light), it's because the connection is different...On other interiors you have outer airbags only, but on the 182 interior it has inner and outer airbags, meaning the connection is different....I haven't yet found a solution to this, asked many times but always get the answer "put a resistor on there to get rid of the airbag light", but it won't make the airbags work.

  BMW 320ci
Connection is not necessairly different, I've put them in my expression and they wired up fine and all the airbags work. Check the wires under the seats even if they look okay give them a fiddle or re-tape them if you haven't soldered them. If you can, solder them and then use some insulation tape.
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
The connections on mine were completely different, there were more wires from the seats than were coming from the floor.
Thread resurection ahoy!Any solution to this?Can you not just get rid of the connector altogether and solder the wires or use leccy tape?