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Airbag Warning Light

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I have had the frequent problem of Airbag and serv warning light on. :(

The problem is caused by high contact resistance/ open circuit in the connector with a brown wire and blue wire installed, located under the passenger seat. This is for the seatbelt pre tensioner, I understand.

I design and sell connectors for a living (not these ones though!) and the connectors contacts seem to stress relieve, leaving little or no connection. Likely to have been caused by Renault specifying low cost materials in the connector.

Waggling the connector or the wires may temporarily get the lights to go off but is certainly not a long term fix, in fact, it is probable that the contacts will be further damaged. I have just resolved this by the following:

1) Disconnect battery
2) Cut both blue and brown wires from the connector
3) Refix wires together using either a soldering iron or, for future seat removal, a replacement connector or terminal block.
4) Tape up the repair with insulation tape and refix to the seat frame
5) Replace the battery and hey presto, it's fixed.

Takes 5 minutes, a terminal block, insulation tape, wire cutters and a screwdriver. Piece of cake!


Check your wiring colours before cutting off the connector, mine defied logic and connected blue to brow.
Make sure you have the radio code before you remove the battery, or you will be driving in silence! Not applicable in my case, my Devil straight thru' gives me all the sounds I could ever want to hear.

Hope this helps someone!