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Alarm + Steering

  clio 182
Hi guys,

Im new to this website as you can proberly see from my post count but anyway just got myself a clio 182.

Now when driving down the road the steering wheel pulls to the left and right now and then... not sure if this is a problem ? but its not like the pulling you would get from the tracking gradually pulling to one side it just goes left and right all the time not sure if they are all like that due to thier suspension or whatever but thought i would see what you guys said?

also, when i lock my car sometimes it beeps and sometimes it doesnt? any ideas?

  Iceberg Ph1
Hey mate and welcome.. A few things to consider..

Under Hard Acceleration - Torque Steer
Normal Driving - Tram Lining (Following the grooves in the road, like a train does tracks)
Steering Feel loose? - Fooked track rod ends? (But I don't think this would feedback through the wheel)

As for the beep.. I have no idea? Perhaps hopefully someone else may know what causes this?
  clio 182
ok mate, i did think think it might be tram lining but wasnt sure.. ive had similiar in one of my old vts'.

It has a few beeps now and then but like you said hopefully someone can help :)

  Clio 182 Full-Fat Cupped
First post......sorry if its of no use.......

Tramlining - mine does that worse as the tyres get more worn and other cars i've had do it worse on some brands of tyre than others.

Alarm - no idea what's causing it, but mine's been doing exactly the same on and off for nearly 3 years now, and it doesn't seem to be a problem!