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  300bhp MR2 Turbo

Quote: Originally posted by Daz on 23 March 2005

Ai606 or Clifford Concept 650.

Your having a bubble surely?

My concept 300 cost £400 4 years ago.

Then I had a Concept 500 that cost £550

Now have a Concept 600, wont tell you how much it cost as itll make you cry.


ClioSport Club Member

My concept 300 cost £300 18 months ago, that was with central locking fitted at the same time.

If that is any help.

Motor Guard in Birmingham.
  "Navy" N17 TWO

I have the Concept 650 in mine - about 2 months now - no probs - great alarm!

Got proximity sensor/tilt & motion sensor/blackjax/remote headlights - all in and fitted for £450

got a few adjustments here and there for minor things but thats how great it is - adjust to your own preference :D
  Willy, Willy 2, V6

is that the one with the blue window sticker lights? Do they come on as proximety warning, or do they stay on all the time when the alarm is armed... cuz that would draw unwanted attention round here.
  "Navy" N17 TWO

nothing for the windows on mine - still got the clifford stickers in the wallet along with the alarm certificate as I didnt want them on.

there is a blue flashing light beside the gearstick when the system is armed