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ALL DONE...........................

yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy, and i feel like stealing YOU!


nice, but a bit TOO black! if ya know what i mean!

nah i think they look ace mate - ages ago at the motor show (was a good few years back now) on the kahn stand, they had a set of something or other - the flat 5 spokes with the allen key bolts at the end of each spoke. they had sprayed a set black with a titanium/purple flip - since then ive wanted a set the very same - urs are the only other alloys ive seen that come close.........

fancy doin my 17 Bk rims for me mate - how much?


dude i couldnt.

thing is i didnt mind doing mine, because if i f##k it up, then np i would just hand them over to a pro and tell them to sort my mess out! i have nothing to lose you see!

but doing someone elses and they go wrong!! thats a different story.

thanks for the kind words.

  Leon Cupra

They look great mate, make you car stand out from all the other 16vs. Ill keep a look out for it when im around the Halesowen-Dudley area.


p.s. whos is the Scoob??


Not my bag baby!

But as long as you like them, had mine refurbed now, show you at the next midlands meet.


1- needs windows tinting

2- looks nice

3- y is there one of those god damn awful looking " oooops i fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down" imprezas there?

Tim-Grove, deffo bring me to a hault, if you can catch me mate :)

paddymph, thats funny man, hehe, wont tell my bro;)

matbrown,honesty is the best policy:) but dude, the above pics are pants!! dont know why i put them up! wait till you see it in the flesh first! it is b-a-d a-s-s!

BenR, anthercite is for girls(no offence you fine feminine examples)

GirlRacer, hell learn to read his mail soon;)

Ben j1- already playing with this one!

2- thank you

3- see above!

haha, you boy racer you!!

ill take a pic of my anthracite steelies on my XR2 when i get them finished. Thats comitment! steelies!!?? anthracite!!

im not a member......i have not got a clio fast enough to bother with.

when i get a 172.....if i do in the uk then i will become a point otherwise. BTW, i hate my clio in the UK at the mo and love my ford, so abuse is permitted!! lol

its just such a pants car-slow, handles crap even with Konis etc etc, shakes squeakes, leaks, breaks down....overall...a poor show.