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All this Cup talk....

Ive been reading Cliosports forums for a couple of months now (Jas, memberships in the post!) and all i seem to hear is Cup this and Cup that. Everyone just ranting and raving about the new lightweight 172. But its not only here, its been in every magazine and rated highly everywhere.

So as any other car enthusiast would do, i booked myself a testdrive. And on Saturday i took myself down to my local renault dealer who gave me the keys to hell. And to make my day even better the sales guy was too busy to come with me, oh what a shame. :D

Now i test drove the 172 last year and thought to myself, how can the Cup be so different when all theyve dont is removed some gadgets. Including the ABS which worried me a little, But then again, ABS is for pussies! As i pulled out the garage i couldnt resist and put my foot on the floor.

WAHOOO, the wheels lit up and OMG torque steer. Comparing to the 172 the first thing i noticed was the steering, much more responsive! Feels like it wants to go everywhere on the road, you can feel every bump and camber. Whereas the 172 is a much more relaxed feel. IMPO i prefer the Cups racing feel. I came to the first empty roundabout and wanted to really put the cup to the test. And it didnt let me down one bit. Truthfully there was a lot of understeer but with a bit of practice this is cancelled out(BTW it was wet). Lift-off oversteer is perfectly controlable, and drifts v.v.v.nicely. Speed wise i couldnt really feel a difference between the two. But i can see it is quicker on paper.

I have driven a Type R and would stand, with my hand on my heart and say the Cup is better, much better. The handling, speed, and all out aggression of the beast. 12k compared to 16.5k you cant go wrong. So in result im going through credit checks as i speak and will be placing an order. Absolutly Fan-fuking-tastic.

The End.

Have had my cup for 6 months now and last monday was the first chance to take the cup on track . Goodwood which is a very fast open track , a couple of lovely double apex bends , long straight ans a flat out right hander called fordwater which you are taking in 5 th at 115 on entry and by the next corner St marys you are hitting 125 before braking, I have driven a number of cars on track elises , caterhams ,porsche boxter and race spec 944 but was very impressed with the cup, You could carry so much speed through corners and adjust the car easliy on the throttle , There are a few bumps mid corner which can unsettle the car badly but the cup held her line fine. the brakes held out well considering twice a lap you are braking hard from 120 ish down to 60 ish, pedal felt a bit spongy after wards but soon went back to normal after cooling down. Even the tyres did nt get a hammering , but i did manage to blow away my mates boxter 2.7 , a cooper s, a caterham and a couple of elises, but not an porsche GT3 that unfortanatly tokk a trip in to the tyre wall head on and then spun up in the air and landed backwards in the tyres. it was mashed . shame. :D

:eek:Bet GT3 matey was not impressed! i fookin wouldnt be! Ive driven one of those Cooper S things(certainly not a mini!) and can easily see how you beat that. But you say u were up with the Boxers and Elises! ;)NICE! I can imagine how nice the Cup is on the track, all that response and grip, mmm.....

Good good, one less porsche. Cups are great little things, i like the way theyre quite a bit different in character from the 172 as well.

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 03 March 2003

Good good, one less porsche. Cups are great little things, i like the way theyre quite a bit different in character from the 172 as well.
Absolutely! Suprised me how different they are, Renault - Keep up the good work!

Bloke with GT3 was not to bothered . he lived locally and went home and got his Ferrari 550 maranello and brought that back. alright for some . B*****D ! my mate has the boxter 2. 7 and he could nt keep up even on the straights let alone the corners . as for the elises and caterhams no top end grunt so they suffered on the straights.

wellard - you cant add pics from you hard drive

they have to be hosted on the internet and accessed that way

I have driven a Type R and would stand, with my hand on my heart and say the Cup is better, much better

Do you mean Civic or integra? Civic yes the cup is better; integra no way. If you have never driven a teg R go and find one - the best FWD car ever bar none and maybe looks aside!!


Dust, go an pretend you want to buy one and just test it, Ive done that a few times with various cars.... Teg Rs are awesomely good if a bit ugly, the handling is incredible as much grip and fun as the Cup, well mine anyway, but none of the torque steeryness of it and the engine and full tilt sounds very F1

Great car