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All Titanium & Icebergs!


ClioSport Club Member
Being i have not long recently bought a 182 Titanium & there is Threads for just RB's,Cups etc i thought why not do one for Silver Clios.A very underrated colour in my eyes.

So i will start off things with Photos of my 182,still have a lot more bits to do but here are some recent photos.

  Clio 172 Ph2
Heres a couple of pics of my ICEBERG 172 ph2 52 reg, 1 previous owner plus me, previous clock mileage is different now. Shes currently sat on 29680

Magnex exhaust system
Pipercross Viper induction kit

All belts etc need doing this year which will be completed.

This is not a track or toy car, this is my daily driver.

Car had been garaged at my mums house since January 2011. Put it back on the road as of 21st Septemeber 2019.

Had to replace quite a lot due to standing

List as follows

MTEC drilled and Grooved front and rear discs (rears with 44tooth ABS and bearings)
ultimax front pads
Brembo rear pads
CV boot clip
Lambda sensors
Coil pack
HT Leads
Brake pedal sensor
Rear Shocks
Washer Reservoir and pumps
New centre cap for alloy
New towing eye
New lock key and bolts for alloy centre caps
New Tyres
New bonnet seal (front slam panel seal)

Planned works still to be done.

Repair of rear bumper (paint come off on nearside arch due to pressure washer)

Paint crazing on front nearside bumper (needs rubbing compound etc)

Slight hazing of the headlights (all sanding pads etc purchased just need some time)

Cambelt, Aux belt, Tensioners, water pump, dephaser to be done by the summer this year.

Full service needs doing this year.

also want to renew the exhaust system, Maybe off the shelf OEM (klarius) or may opt for the Sports cat and cat back full sytem (not sure yet) really dont like the HUGE magnex back end on this exhaust and looking to change to a nice sounding stealth or single small 2.5" pipe etc

Possibly go and get a remap from EFI parts in Runcorn ( this will be after any belts etc have been done)

Next time i clean her i will take some decent DSLR pics as i tend to clean and polish her every saturday and shes looking alot cleaner now than she did in these photos.

304FC5D2-7C44-499A-A80C-E48C151A26EF (1).jpeg



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ClioSport Club Member
Ph1s came in both titanium and iceberg. Titanium I believe was the most common colour but only that colour came with shift light and ally bonnet. Only 99 Icebergs was made.

Ph2 172s was iceberg only, no titanium.

Ph2 182s was titanium only, no icebergs.