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All Titanium & Icebergs!


ClioSport Club Member
Need to do some minor refurb on the turinis and sort a slow puncture so I have finally got around to putting some new rubber on my 2118s. There's plenty of clearance for the calipers so thought I'd see how they looked before I invested in some spacers to get the 5mm offset difference back.

Plus I need to sort out me rusty nuts :giggle:



ClioSport Club Member
Silver works black works but I hate gun metal on silver.
I did look at trying to find a Matt bronze like Rays do their wheels in.
I did think of Gold but wasnt to sure & i did this colour combo on a porsche but then any colour combo seems to work on a porsche.I could of tried a black but metallic
  Clio 172 Ph2
Couple of pics after cleaning before all this virus crap.
This was after MLM spray wax Carnauba with Si02 on the outside. Wipe over and then buff.
Along with some Mcguires back to black inside.


ClioSport Club Member
  S/C Clio 172 Cup
Few pics of my supercharged Iceberg Cup. Don't suppose there's many of them about!... and has climate control!

Pulled everything off it this week for a good tidy up, refreshing parts and powder coating a few things and gearbox rebuild



ClioSport Club Member
Anymore details mate on these,have you a web page or instagram for your prints?
Hiya bud,
21ten is still very much in its infancy but I have an Instagram and facebook page for them. look up on either.
I have started to post things on this thread too -

If there is anything you would like to know feel free to fire me a PM and I can tell you anything you would like to know. (y)


ClioSport Club Member
Cool photos,what was the idea of having the bonnet off? @Nafoff

We just took it out on the road after that, everything about how we shot that image was


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
I will get some better photos of mine but we're in lockdown here in Wales still, so I'm unable to really go anywhere. I saw another Titanium 182 nearby in Deganwy with a forum sticker, anyone off here?