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alloy please help everyone

which wheels are lighter than the cup ones in 16 inch?

anyone got any pics of there cups with wheel or exhaust mods?

do 17inch slow the cup down? will it make it same as normal 172

does an exhaust system bugger up the mpg figures drastically

any all help please

the only wheels advertised for their low weight seem to be O Z superleggeras in terms of others i guess the only way to find out is to ring the manufacturers and ask them the weight of that particular make and style

Also, as the clio is 4 stud they are good as they are hidden by all the other surrouding holes, worth considering!!

The new OZ is meant to be the lightest they have made, really cant remember what they are called, kind of multi spoke but chunky spokes...............cant remember!
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If they are they wont sell it! Ford will pay them not to, just like Renault did with the Speedline Turini in 16" you cant buy that other than from Renault!!

was thinkin of oz for mine, the website is a bit confusing as the canyon only seems to be listed for 4x4 although ive seen them listed in a tuning mag, but no sizes or fitments listed