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Alloy Refurb - 197

  Black 197
Right i'm getting my 197 alloys refurbed at the end of this month and have been quoted £50 a wheel and that includes stripping the tyres, repairing the kerbage, and a choice of any colour i like...

Now over the next 6-12 months i have something special planned for the 197 so to tie in with my ideas i want the wheels done something different than anthracite / black etc...

I want to make a bold statement so i was thinking orange or illuminous (sp) green or along them lines... The 197 is deep black so i'm not sure how fitting them colours would be... I wont be going black or anthracite thats for sure..

The car hopefully with funds dependant will be lowered on a set of H&R's and then the strippage will start.. It's not going to be used on the track as i have no interest in that but would like your views and pics if possible
  Mini Cooper S
Black/green combo(not mine):

  Black 197
b1lly any chance you could possibly do the wing vents ? The diffuser and spoiler wing tips !! Sorry fella if its too much work...