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Alloy stud spacing

Ok, I know what i am doing mostly when it comes to my clio,
I am looking at getting some used alloys.
I do know that some cars do have the same stud diameter as the clio but not sure which. Is there anyone out there that knows?
I am looking at a couple of different ones, they are
  RS Meg 175
Youve got to watch the offset and pcd as well as stud patten matey.
couple have been spiked by impulse rim buying i think!

ideal size for a clio (MK2ph1) is:

Offset: 37
PCD: 4x100
Stud Pattern: 4

and i dont think that the measurements are much different with other clios.
Offsets can sometimes be made to fit with spacers if they arent already a good fit also.