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Alloy wheel fitments

HI just a general question Im after some alloys for the car it shares the same PCD and offset as some cars..see this page

now what i want to know is about the central bore of the wheel. From the page it seems that the central bore of the renault megane is 60mm, which is the biggest of all i think other cars such as the mini(new also have the same offset/ PCD but smaller bore. Would after market wheels for a mini fit the megane??? I know they have fitment kits but you obviously cant make the hole any bigger?...or do the manufacturers make the bore size big to begin with?

Any help much appreciated, thanks

  BMW 320d Sport

Renault fitment throughout the 90s was 4x100 PCD and ET36.

The new Clios run a bigger offset, 40-something, but Im pretty sure its still a 4x100 PCD
  BMW 320d Sport

I dont think you really worry about the centre bore, just say what car its for and they will include some spigot rings to bring the bore on the wheel down to the diameter of the hub.

HI Nick thanks for the input.......i think i didnt phrase the question properly. I was wondering if i bought a 2nd hand wheel which is for another car e.g. for Honda civic which is PCD=100 et=35 but central bore 56......whereas the megane is 60.

Do aftermarket alloys have a central bore size a lot bigger ad then you buy fitment kits to put in to fit the size of te hub? or are some alloys made for that particular car?

many of the wheels Yes - they do have such rings. but some of them may be less than 60,1(!!!) std. -needs checking.

If it uses ring and is bigger than 60,1 without one, make sure You can get a ring somehow - people usually dont like to sell You rings only.