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Almost Lost It Last Night!

How Lucky am I?

Was going pretty quick into a r/a on a fast a-road, got it nicely in line but got on the power a bit too early on the exit, had to lift off, & had the arse end coming round! Managed to catch it, and only very slightly clip the left rear on a sloping kerb.

Everything seemed alright driving home, and Ive had a quick check this morning and everything looks ok, not even a new scuff on the alloy or any marks on the tyre so I think Ive got away with it.

It pretty sh!t me up cos it was the worst case of lift-off oversteer Ive had, and not long after having new 195/50s on, I didnt think the rear end would step out so much, and it seemed like it took ages to correct.

Im just thankfull my valver is still in one piece, I had my best mate in the car at the time who just told me all the way home how lucky I was.