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  1. MrBlonde

    Night London/Essex Locations

    Looking for some photography locations in Essex and SE London for the Evening/Night. Obvious places that are well lit or good lighting please.
  2. Norbury90

    182 and 172, Deeside WRC service park friday night

    They both looked considerably nicer than mine even though I only caught a glimpse of either. Anyone spot the 182 rally car? I need it desperately!
  3. marinemackay2003

    rb 182 last night ringwood area

    was around midnight at the canford bottom roundabout had the blue stripes and white wheels, cs sticker in drivers rear window sounded nice i was in the grey volvo next to you, was going to have a play but you went the other way
  4. A

    W*** XLC (I think) Tidy Phase 1 Silverlink Newcastle Tonight

    Parked up next to nando's about 8 o'clock, looked standard and clean.
  5. R

    How far does my key need to be at night ?

    With this key I just need it near the car to open and start it so what's stopping a thief rolling up outside and opening my car as my key in inside the house ? How far away does my key need to be so it won't open and won't start ? Thank you for replies
  6. M

    Williams A46 Newark & Blue Megane Lincoln tonight 5:30 ish

    On my way home from work in Lincoln A46 in my titanium ph1, saw blue Megane got a wave from you :-) Then a very clean williams N reg on Newark bypass, looked a well kept example
  7. rctempire

    South East Christmas Night Out - 5th Dec - London

    Hi all, Thinking of organising a Christmas night out and you guys are the better lot to help plan it. Mostly logistical reasons but also ill need flights So anyone wish to throw some ideas and dates in here so we can get this ball rolling? @DaveDreads @Daniel @Pacman. @Knuckles @Phase1sr...
  8. stumac

    Bleeding nightmare

    Hey after some advice. I lost my brakes at my last trackday, ended up rebuilding both front calipers and am at the point of bleeding. I cannot get it to bleed at all, as in any fluid to come out at all. I have tried the normal pumping method. Left it overnight to try the gravity method and have...
  9. DV8

    Clio Night Shot

    Had a go at taking a shot at night with some lighting with the clio as the subject. Turned out ok i think:
  10. Knuckles

    Ly 200 Cheshire oaks tonight. Pic inside

  11. J

    Clio Mk3 RS - Scissett/Clayton West Tesco Express tonight!

    Black Clio, Reg started with X. Modified and looked sweet as.... I was in my GTR! Anyone? Looked so good
  12. j0bj0sh

    royal blue 182 northampton car culture last night

    RB 182 at car culture last night was there in my AB 182 and my mate with Flame red 172 looks lovely!
  13. 182


  14. 182


  15. Haybails1980

    White 200 - Peebles Last Night

    Spotted a white 200 parked just off the Main Street a few doors down from the physiotherapists last night in Peebles. Reg was HN12 KZF.
  16. TheBatman

    I am the night,I am justice,I AM BATMAN

    Hi all New to the Renault scene,got myself a 2004 clio 182. Looking forward to the meets and shows soon. In the Hertfordshire area so any info on local meets would be great. Hope to meet all soon
  17. GrahamS

    Brands tonight 172s and 182s

    lots of stickers on one 182 silver 182 with a plastic rear window and saftey devices cage black 182 with white TDs black 172 with gordini turinis @SamHowell saw your car up there I think but not sure.
  18. Chris_Beer

    RS Tuner / CLIP / Misfire - Nightmare

    So I have a misfire at low revs when putting your foot down, or pulling away is the worst, but it clears above 2.5/3000rpm and pulls right up the revs fine, very frustrating... New parts replaced: Coilpack Leads Plugs (NGKR) First Lambda (Bosch) MAP Sensor When giving it some the car's cat...
  19. AdDaMan

    White Megane 225 On Semi Slicks. Lakeside, Essex Saturday night.

    Spoke to you then, but wondered if you were on here?
  20. Ashh

    X178 PEW, A66 Eastbound, Wednesday Night

    Safe to assume you're on here? Car looked superb! Gave you a flash of the ambers and you responded with a flash. Were you heading out of Middlesbrough? Saw you drop off the A66 and head down towards Southbank.
  21. .Joe

    [Jun 15, 2015] Ace Cafe - French Performance & Classics night (Londong)

    Monthly Meet, always on the 3rd Monday of the month :tonguewink: Can't go wrong with the chilli cheese chips. it would be good to make it a bit more dominant :tonguewink:
  22. Haybails1980

    Red 200 - A90 Southbound On Thursday Night

    Spotted a red 200 with cup spoiler heading South on the A90 between Kelty and Dunfermline around 6:10pm on Thursday night. Reg started SY10...
  23. Haybails1980

    Black 197 - Forth Road Bridge, Thursday Night

    Spotted a black 197 heading north over the Forth Road Bridge around 6pm on Thursday night. Reg was WK07 HBU.
  24. Paul.M

    BG182 blackpool & 172 cup cleveleys last night 28/5/15

    Saw a blue cup on morrisons roundabout in cleveleys about 5 pm yesterday? I didn't recognise it. Also a BG182 with gold stickers on it at halfords Blackpool at about 6pm (an hour from cleveleys to squires gate..wasn't happy). And then saw some chap in an inferno on the way home too, oh hey...
  25. bozothenutter

    anybody try the OSRAM nightbreaker HIDs yet?

    as per the title, screamingly expensive...but are the worth it?
  26. JakeyCUK

    Detailers Dream / Nightmare?

    The first picture on this advert made my eyes water! Would be rewarding detailing session no doubt.
  27. peedee

    Chelmsford tonight?

    Just wondering if anyone is around chelmsford tonight for a little meet soon as the weather is cracking! I'm staying at the rents' this weekend so am out and about chelmsford.
  28. J

    20th April - Monday - Ace Cafe Performance French Night

    Monthly meet - Starts at 6ish and finish whenever you decide to leave. Location: Be great to see some of the Herts / London members along.
  29. C

    Exhaust just fell off!! NIGHTMARE>

    Exhaust has just fallen off so I'm possibly going to be needing a new backbox/ exhaust system.... Whilst she's in the garage, I might just have to put a sports exhaust on it :P So.... Advice on what's best to get and what everyone's thoughts are from low budget to high budget sport exhausts...
  30. Sash

    RB 182 & PB 172 A20 tonight

    Could be the same RB on the hard shoulder of the M25 earlier on?