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Almost wiped out!!!

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I was on my way home from holidays yesterday and arrived in the city during lunch time rush hour and a very heavy rain, and all of a sudden everyone in front of me starts braking hard so I brake and look in my rear mirror and notice that the prat toyota driver behind me is not slowing down too much as hes not really watching the road. I manage to stop a scant 30cm or so from the BMW in front of me, but the toyota is still coming in fast and Im thinking "Hes gonna go right into me!!!!!".

Luckily for me he swerves violently into the next lane (maybe because he panicd or thought he could squeeze into the gap in front of a Fiesta) but anyway he missed me but his tail took out the front of the Fiesta and he still didnt stop until he was level with the BMW in front of me.

I think I have a guardian angel :D

i had some w**ker who was coming towards me looking out of one of his windows or sommit, started coming into my path on the other side of the road - only just realised in time...there werent any way i could have moved out of the way!!!