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Alpine headunit Fashia - Can you buy a new one??

  1 Series Coupe
When i bought the 182 it had got an Alpine headunit fitted. Only problem is the fashia looks like the previous owner played football with it. Everything is scratched up and the writing has rubbed off the buttons etc.

I took the headunit out and took the model number down, googled it and Car Audio Security sell a brand new one for just under £200!

So ideally i want to keep it!

I was wondering if you can just buy the 'face off fashia' brand new from anywhere? Is it worth ringing Alpine?

Any help is great!


The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Yeh you can mate, i have bought one from alpine as i had it stolen (the fascia)...

You need togo to your local alpine/audio dealer (privately owned is alot cheaper, but if none are local you can try halfords).

My HU cost me 150 brand new, halfrauds wanted 100 just for a fascia :eek:|

Went to an independant audio specialist and got it for 65 pounds (happy days!)

Thething that will hold you back though is you need some sort of "proof of purchase" as without this you can't order a new one.

If you dont have one i can send you my CAD invoice (which i got off of CAD themselfs) and you can "modify" it ;)

You also need to serial number on the back of the HU.

Hope this helps
It'd most likely be cheaper to buy a new unit rather than going through the rigmarole and expense of finding a replacement fascia.
  Mk2 Ph1 1.2 Grande
it may be cheaper to buy a new head unit but i have the exact same head unit as you have already got and it really is top of the range