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Alternator fitting on drive

  Clio sport 182 RB
Hi, been a while since I’ve been on here.

Is there anyone in the West Yorkshire area on here who can fit a new alternator to my 182? I’m from near pontefract

I have the part but just wondered if someone could come do it rather than getting it picked up. Last time I had it picked up they cracked my splitter.



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Easy enough job to do mate, I had to do mine last year. Hardest part was wriggling it out through the available gap. I think there's a guide on here?


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Its very easy mate.

Think Jubilee is 100mm (Can check if you need).

I have done this recently and again yesterday while fitting a power steering pump (which is more of a c**t).

1) Open bonnet, remove bumper and slam panel 13mm socket for slam panel, 10mm for bonnet catch, 13mm spanner for two lower bolts which do not need to be removed just loosened, pull slam panel out and throw on grass
2) put said Jubilee around tensioner spring:


3) remove either pos or neg battery terminal
4) gingerly disconnect large red cable from alternator and unplug sense wire
5) Undo top alternator bolt/nut (can be seen in picture above) 13mm socket each side
6) slacken off lower long bolt
7) Knock alternator down and remove belt from pulley
8) remove lower long bolt
9) wiggle that s**t out

Putting it back together is easy, just watch that the aux belt hasn't slipped half off another pulley.

10) live happily ever after knowing you did a top job like a real man.

Good luck

Access is very good with bumper and slam panel off - you may need to undo the mounting point for one of the AC lines (10mm above drivers headlight) my headlight is only out as I was actually doing the PS pump here:

  Clio sport 182 RB
So this is what I’ve found when I took the old alternator out

doesn’t look good even with my little knowledge


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  clio 197
Yeah if it's definitely that it shouldn't cause any other issues. If the tensioner is already a couple of years old though, it's the perfect time to replace it.
  Clio sport 182 RB
Yeah! It was never on there. I had my AUX belt done at DDC last year and they never mentioned it. The alternator was rattling around when I had a look


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Or just buy a lower alternator bolt:

Wang it in and move on with life. If they were going to pick the car up and sort it then thats different but getting the car to them sounds like agg.

Someone here might be able to give you length and thread info so you can order the bolt from a general supplier. Sadly mine is back together and Im not stripping to down for a 4th time to measure the bolt - soz 🤣
  Clio sport 182 RB
Im just going to drive it without the long bolt in to DDC. Should be fine without it in for a 30 minute drive?