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Alternator woes?

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I have recently had some work done on my 172, 03 plate. I decided to have the timing belt done, wish I hadn't, as the price was reasonable. It was overdue, but my plan was to run until death then get another car.
Anyway, I had the timng belt done, then after a day the seals went on the power steering, leaking fluid everywhere. I got this fixed and a new auxilary belt and the mechanic suggested getting my normal mechanic to replace the main alternator lead when it's next serviced, as it was corroding. A few days after this repair, a few lights came on the dash board, pic attached.

I don't know when they came on, I knocked the wipers on and these were really slow, but after gunning it up a motorway slip road the lights went off and were OK for a few days. Today they came on again and stayed on. I have had other lights flick on and a power cycle has cleared them never to be seen again. This time the car wouldn't start. With a jump start it started no problem, enough to get me home and put the battery on charge. When on charge, all the lights in the pic went out with the ignition on but car not running.

I am assuming the worse and that a new alternator is needed, maybe fooked by the PS fluid. During all this time the battery light on the dash has never illuminated, except when is normal at iginition.

Anyone have any ideas if the alternator is the problem?



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