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Always wanted one. Never had one! Help me buy a Clio!


ClioSport Club Member
@0ss Cheers for the tips on plastics and brakes. I think an Accord Type R the seats were from. And yea the snake is a great road, I think my local maccys is now in Sheffield haha. I live in Glossop.
Some nice driving around there, perfect for the Clio! We had the occasional meet at The Huntsman Inn and a blast around the area. We did a loop around Glossop once because a camper van turned off towards the Huntsman 😂.


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
I think the seats look decent. I’d want to get them retrimmed to match the rest of the car
I can help with brakes. I’ve got a few options for pads and plain Brembo discs are dirt cheap

For plastics there’s plenty of cars being broken for parts. Everything you need will be available


ClioSport Club Member
  BG 182
For the plastics get yourself a bottle of "Elbow grease" spray cleaner from B&M / home bargains etc.

It's normally less than a quid and its great for taking the sticky coating off the interior plastics. Just scrape the thick of it off with a plastic card then rub whats left off with the spray on a cloth.