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Am I mad?

  Nissan 350Z
For spending £1600 fixing a Phase 1 172 that only cost me £1400.

It was tired, and needed de-chavving, but not really a sensible thing to do spend more than the car is worth on making it work and look proper again?

Well, that's what I am doing, and there's no going back.

I'm trying to tell myself it'll be almost a new car :S

Yeah, I know, cool story bro etc etc... :rasp:


ClioSport Club Member
  BG Clio 182 FF
To be honest if you're happy - what else matters??

I spent recently £2700 getting my 182 back fixed and 100%. Looking at 200's this weekend to join the drive way.

I love hot hatches
  Nissan 350Z
Jesus - it wasn't my intention in fairness. I thought it needed a couple of jobs, but it slowly revealed more and more things I hadn't noticed. Yep, I'm not great at buying cars (I won't bore you with the history). Its just spiralled out of control somehow.

Once you've spent so much, you feel it owes you too much?

Richy - wouldn't say I was happy about it, but I'm hoping that the money thing will be forgotten when its tip top again?!
Don't worry, I know the feeling! It's worth it if you're keeping it for a long time, no point in letting someone else benefit from all the hard work and cash.


ClioSport Club Member
I think it's abit daft but aslong as your happy. Could have got a mint PH2 for that!
  Ph 1 172
No your not mad my phase 1 172 just came out of a local specialist and cost me close on too 2k but I know its history and that it will run true for a few years now and I can't see myself getting shot of it so its worth it. As long as you keep the car it will be worth it.
Each to their own, it's your money!
I always say, it's my car and it's my choice, I have to live with it.
I'm in the same kind of situation as you mate cant decide what I should do either.

Got a ph1 and already spent near 1k on it with some B14's etc now I have this list of mods and a few repairs building up and I really cant decide if its worth while. Cars :banghead:
  Clio k4j - Clio 200T
^^^^ right!!!
:) if you only know how much I've spent on my car..

  Nissan 350Z
Once I get it back, since I got it (only say 5 weeks ago) it will have had a new cambelt, dephaser, water pump, aux belt, front brake discs, pads, standard springs (de-apexed), new rear shocks, 4 new tyres, 4x 16" OZ F1s to replace 17" OZ Superturismos, a new wiper mechanism, stainless steel mid section and backbox (de-chavved) and new brake lines.

Cost a s**t load, which I am not really happy about as its going on the card, but it'll be paid off soon enough and then, hopefully, I like to think I've saved a Phase 1 to rapid demise. Or thats what I keep telling myself :eek: