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am i missing something here???


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wonder what the legal implications of buying it would be. . . . hmmm tempted. . . . v6 for 5k plus importing etc.

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Buy it, its a legaly binding CONTRACT!! Technically if you buy it now, its yours! Im sure he'll kick up a fuss tho!

Re: 419 yeah, good call, but he seems to have a fair amount of feedback...again this could be a hijacked account tho.
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hmmm, some one else selling the same car - the one thats been on there for weeks now.
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  missmy257bhp r5/ got evo6
its dodgy ther was another with out stripes a few weeks back for the same buy it now price. he wanted the cash sent to denmark i think
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  missmy257bhp r5/ got evo6
i got this email after it ended on ebay

Hello and sorry for the delay,

Thank you for contacting me about the 2004 RENAULT CLIO RENAULT SPORT V6 255 BLACK.I am sorry i couldn't reply sooner but i had some problems with my computer. The BUY IT NOW price for the car is £4100 with shipping to your home door included. The car is in excelent condition as you can see in the pics.The car is located in Copenhagen,Denamrk and I will ship it from here. I bought the car from UK and i intended to register it here but unfortunatelly the taxes are to expensive to register an UK model and that is why i decided to sell it. I am selling the car with the price i have paid for it(lucky me, the guy neded the money urgently) with no extra money for me. Since the car is UK registered you will not have to pay any custom taxes and also won't have any problems registering it in UK under your name. Car is in absolutelly perfect condition both mechanically(drives great) and cosmetically. No damage,no scratches or dents, no hidden defects, and it is as advertised. I am looking for a cash buyer and also for a fast sell since the car is already at the shipping company crated and ready for shipping and they charge a daily fee for storage. I'm a serious seller,and i will close this deal only in a secure way through Ebay so we can both be protected so I will contact them and they will send you all the informations you need to move forward with this deal. All you have to do if you really want to buy this car is to send me this infomations to initiate the deal through Ebay:

your full name
your shipping address

The car will be deliverd by DAS (airfreight) and it will arrive to your home door in about 5-7 business days. The car will be insured and if something happens you will receive the insurance from the delivery service.After the car arrives, you will have 5 days for inspection. If the car is different than the way i've described it, you will be fully refunded and the car will be shipped back on my expence. Anyways, i don't think it will be necesary, you'll love this car from the first moment you'll see it. I am waiting to hear back from you with the details if you decide to move forward with the transaction.
Thank you kindly for your time and keep in touch.

Felicia Ghorbani