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amp at the front - where did you mount it

  BMW 120i Sport

As topic,

If youve amped your front speakers, where did you mount the amp for it? Any pics would be nice.



no sure about a 182 but my valver has em under each front seat and my sax has it on the back of the rear seats (didnt fit under seat)

I amped the front speakers and added a sub, so I ran cables down both sides of the car into the boot. I made a false floor for the boot with a suspended panel underneath for the (two) amps to sit on. That way, I dont lose any boot space from the amps.

ive got an amp in each of the rear 1/4s in my valver, not got any pics but theyre nicely out of sight in the arches ;)

Mounted my front 2 channel amp in the passenger footwell behins the glovebox, hardly needed any cable.

The rears and sub are running of a second amp in the boot.