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Amp off Std Head Unit

Is it possible to run an amp off a standard head unit as I dont really want to change mine but want to upgrade the front speakers? Im guessing there isnt going to be any RCAs, can you get amps than run from speaker input or am I talking balls??

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yeah you can get amps that take speaker level inputs but the hu really aint that good
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I believe some amps accept high level inputs. You can also buy "high level to RCA" convertors from Halfrauds which will give you a line level output from left/right pairs of wires.

I was thinking of doing what you did, but I was strongly advised not to. I bit the bullet and upgraded the headunit to an Alpine unit (matches the dash very well, i can get you a pic?) and the improvement in sound quality with standard speakers was brilliant.

I then upgraded to an amp and Focal Polyglass - woah mommo, i didnt think car audio could get that good.
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I have done this. I fitted a sub by buying an adaptor from autoleads. Its a Speaker to RCA adaptor, think its about £7.99, all you do is take feed off speaker wires, and it converts it into an RCA white/red plug output ready for the amp to be plugged in to. It then means you can then upgrade your stereo later if you like.

Does job ok for me, as Renault clio speakers are ok. Just headunit doesnt put out as much power, hence you might want to upgrade.

Thanks everyone, am still considering the H/U route but dont want to mess up the stalk controls or the Sat Nav display, was going to start with upgrading the speakers and see how I go, I realise the std H/U is not brilliant but by sorting the speakers out its got to sound a bit better?.

Thanks again.

Big G, were you advised against this for any reason other than sound quality?? Id like to start with the speakers and see how I go, I know its the wrong way round as the H/U is the main component in any system but would like to see how it all sounds before I start changing the dash and all the controls etc.
  BMW 120i Sport

Purely sound quality reasons.

The new Alpine headunit made a huge difference to the sound, then i upgraded to an amp/new speakers which made an even bigger difference. Combined with a sub in the boot, removal of rears and components in the front - the sound is truly amazing.

^^^ I was looking at the same idea as Big G - amping the standard h/u. But its just not worth it in terms of SQ. I didnt want a h/u that stands out too much in the car (hence my reluctance to get an aftermarket one) but it makes such a difference.

I bit the bullet and bought an Alpine CDA-9851R - it blends into the dash very well and sounds excellent. I also got adaptors that retain the stalk controls and partially the display, so dont worry about that.
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Amping a standard HU will be fine for sound quality as long as you upgrade the speakers to decent coaxials or components.

Ive still got to fit my amp up to my Infinty front components, and leave the standard rears for some fill behind me. Going to do it through the amps speaker level inputs.

Though can someone tell me, if I need to extend the original speaker wires all the way to the amp, is it best to get some kind of extensions or run new wire all the way from the headunit?

Also, I take it I would then need to run new wire to the speakers from the amp as well? Ive read that it is a pain getting wire into the doors through the rubber protector.

Anyone whos done the speaker level inputs setup before got any good advice?

Just read that I wouldnt be able to keep the disc changer if I upgrade the H/U so think Ill stick with the standard one, cant be arsed with taking seats out!!

Sack it then, Ill try amping the Std H/U and see how that goes, Im just after a bit better SQ so I can turn it up a bit when the mood takes me, Im not the Simon Cowell of in car entertainment so Im sure itll be good enough! Ill let you know how I get on.
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Yeah, this is why i kept standard head unit, so I didnt lose driver contriols and my cd multi changer. Yet Ive still go the renault speakers along with a sub and amp! I may upgrade speakers in time, but sound pretty good for now!!
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I wired the amp from the battery, for the power, and reached into the roof for the aerial wire to connect the remote wire (so that it switches on when you switch on the radio!) I then bought the Autoleads adaptor PC1-602 which converts speaker sound into an RCA plug (the red and white plugs)

I connected the adaptor to the + and - of each speaker and then plugged the amp into the adaptor. May amp then powers a 400w sub, which is a nice cas boost for me.

PM me if you have anymore questions mate