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Amp question


ClioSport Moderator

Ive never had a car amp before but have noticed from all theones ive seen they are encased in a heatsink type alluminum enclosure. How hot do amps get as im guessing they need to dissipate a lot of heat. Also does this mean that you have to place your amp somewhere open so it doesnt over heat.

Where have people stealthed their amps before so that it is out of sight.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

as long as you dont wrap it up in a jumper mate it should be fine wherever you put it, think along the lines of cooling when thinking where to put it but you dont have to make anything special to keep it cool etc in most cases

well if you were to put it under a flase floor i would put 1 or 2 12v computer fans in there, as if you really push them they could go into protection from being to hot.

Most modern amps will shut down before any major damage happens to them