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Another quick Clio 16-Valve question!

Further to my last post about a suspect starter motor, my car must have been reading too and has responded by presenting me with another clue to the problem!!

When going along the motorway, my battery light flashes red when I indicate, use an electric window, or turn the stereo up loud. But the funny thing is that this problem disappears at low speed! :eek: And the car starts up without (much) bother.

So whats it likely to be? Maybe the auxillary belt is loose? Or is the alternator playing silly buggers with me? Ive checked obvious things like connections on so on.

Any help/practical experience appreciated!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Sounds like the alternator. Happened on my last car when I reved over about 4k. Was constantly on on the motorway sometimes.

Try cleaning the connections, someone mentioned the bushes to me as well at some point?!?! Only happened for a while but I ended up selling the car before it got fixed.

Hope this helps.

Can anyone tell me how much an exchange alternator should be.

Is it better to fit it myself or get a garage to do it?
  172 & LCR

Try cleaning battery terminals and earth leads with emery paper and finish off with some copper grease before you shell out on an alternator as it could just be a bad earth.

Fitting alternator isnt a bad job once you remove headlamp.