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Any Clio Mk3 Gurus


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
One of the most common problems in a Renault are bad earths, The amount of Clios, Megane's, Modus's & other models I see with the disco lights on the rear are a lot.

Now mine has started and I want to tackle the problem full on and make sure everything "EARTH" wise is making a good contact and is clean.

I have looked at both earths at the back of the fabric inserts, No rust, No damage and they are secure also.

But im still getting the disco lights on the N/S/R light cluster.

I have had the light out, Dried it out on a radiator for 8 hours and checked all connectors and everything seems fine.

Im wondering if there is any other earth's on the car ?
Does it have the same earth as the 1*2 from gear box to chassis ?