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any one know any upholsterers??

need to get 2 headrests re upholstered - have tried Gibson and Boyne but thought price was quite a lot - anyone have any suggestions?
  182 Cup Inferno
my mum is an upholsterer, she does a lot of stuff for boats, i culd ask her if she can do headrests?
cool - nice 1 nottie - basically they are in dark blue leather at the moment - need them in a dark grey - as close as possible to my seats. I could drop them down to you if she can do it.

think steve think!
  182 Cup Inferno
leather? she might be able to do it, ill ask her tomoz morning when she is more capable to think! (she is monged infront of the tele!)
  Chocolate Bar™
not personally. viewed some doorcards they did which in fairness werent that bad, but the quality of leather used was poor.

all the pics on the website also have really baggy bottoms to the clio seats which is only going to get worse with time.

they also had a trade stand at FCS/trax i think it was, and some of the work was poor. unless you want a small / cheap job doing i'd avoid them

if your talking about D:class ive heard they'e awesome off john2modifed and seen some pics of their work which look perfect
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D:class are awesome, but EXTREMELY pricey, More than Gibson and boyne I'd have thought.

Do you have any pics middo? I was going to get a full retrim from these, but baggyness is a no no!
  Chocolate Bar™
not saved any on the computer. but went on their website once and wasnt that impressed. however for the price you pay you cant really argue.

need my steering wheel retrimmed and seeing as they're only in wolverhampton i may give them a go at it